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Elections 2020: Global warming a "hot" topic with hurricanes, wild fires? Featured

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warm storm 1How important is global warming to the presidential and the Congressional campaigns this November?

Not at all? Somewhat? Very?  Do they approach the other “hot button” issues such as the riots or the Covid-19 disaster?  If not now, will they?

This was an issue discussed on Saturday as Jim Brown and Rannah Gray talked about the issues that matter in Louisiana and in the United States.

For now, there are a record number of storm in the Atlantic and the Gulf.  The fires are burning in Oregon, California and Washington State. President Donald Trump visited California on Monday and made it clear that he questions the issue of global warming.

Below is the transcript of the interview with Brown and Gray and the video of this segment.

Brown:  And this is an interesting time as we wind down to the presidential election. What a crazy time My daughter is making a dash away from the  huge brush fires out in Oregon right now.  She says, Dad, what an unbelievable year the politics of the presidential election, the pandemic, the wildfires, the hurricane hit down here to us in Louisiana. It's a it's a, like we're into into the apocalypse. So we just don't know what's happening here. So there's plenty of fodder to talk about here, Steve during a very contentious, contentious and difficult time in our state, in our nation and in the world.

Sabludowsky: Absolutely, absolutely. Real quickly. What is going on in Oregon is it looks like I mean, my God, it looks like completely orange and red, California. I mean, this is well,

Brown: We think of California. That's where there's been a series of brushfires my daughter lives in Hood River, Oregon. That's a little south east of Portland about 45 minute drive. Portland, you can't see hardly out to the front of your car and she said Dad has come down to Hood River now we're having a hard time breathing. So like, packed up about eight o'clock last night and just started driving to the east, went about three hours and found a hotel. I was in touch with her all last night. And she's dad, we even  have the smoke here but it's not anything like it was in the Portland Hood River Oregon. How would you like to live in Portland, Oregon with riots every single night going on out there. Now wildfires making it so you can't breathe. I mean, we're thinking of China and Russia back in the 40s of living in what was is a beautiful state. Really a paradise in Oregon boy, it's not now so it's just one of a series of crazy strange and hard to explain times that are going on in our country today.

Sabldowsky: Absolutely. So whose fault? Rannah?

Gray:  Whose fault is it? You mean? Are you trying to bait me into saying they didn't sweep the forest? Oh gosh, climate change is here. And I saw Gavin Newsom, the governor of California on on CNN last night, saying if you think this is just California and Oregon, get ready. This is coming to a community near you. But I think it's the most scary stark example of what we've been warning about with climate change. And people have a hard time grasping something, a notion until you have a news event like this a major event that threatens lives and, and we're there. Hi, I'm sorry, smoke maps, the smoke maps. The smoke is is here. In fact, the smoke has made it across the Atlantic Ocean into Europe. And and as we all follow now, the news in Russia, the smoke from California, Oregon has penetrated into Russia. That's how far this smoke has traveled. If you look at any of the aerial shots, it's just terrifying. Right? And it's

Brown: It’s an afterthought,  a minor thought. I think there's seven new storms in the Gulf of Mexico heading into the Gulf coming from Africa into the Gulf right now seven. And we're we're just in the middle of hurricane season, we had the strongest winds ever felt here that recorded time into Lake Charles, Louisiana. The rest of the country kind of has that as an afterthought as so many people have lost everything they have. And so this is a strange, difficult time and I wish there was a Hey, we always use an easy way to put the blame on someone because we could go after them, but it's hard. The Democrats say its the Republican's fault.  Republicans say it's the democrats fault. There's a just a crazy lack of focus in terms of some very serious problems in this country today.

Sabludowsky: I mean, really, that's that's amazing. So. So is it going to be a political issue in terms of presidential issue or even congressional issue?

Brown: Everything is a political issue, everything.  No matter what it is, here, we've got a pandemic, that is something that is killing people, and putting people at great risk. And you would think if anything, would unify the country and get people working together, it would be something like this. But it's divided us even more. I mean, over over something is just trying to find a virus to save our lives. So everything is political. That's unfortunate. It's not one party's fault. It's it's all you know, everybody's fault. And so We've got a real lack of leadership and all levels in this country.

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