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Saturday, 10 October 2020 22:21

Portrait of Donald Trump: Viewing final episodes of White House reality TV? Featured

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The lights are dimming. The picture is not pretty.

We're weeks away from Election Day 2020. We're looking for the next leader to have the presidential demeanor, the control of personality to lead this country at a time where more nations are only a red button away from our armageddon. 

 After a horrible summer, Donald Trump is low in the polls. He's trailing in virtually all battleground states that he won just four years ago. All is not lost.  Trump can pull this out. He owns the charisma and determination to be able to repeat the 2016 contest inside straight.  But, he also possesses a failing personality trait that makes him look totally unglued, scaring much of the country.   Some voters wonder if he's frightened of being branded as the loser of losers?   Others believe the virus killer drugs are taking over his mind as it combats COVID-19.  We just know his behavior, always on edge, is falling over and flailing. He's simply not normal, not even for Trump.

On Saturday, President Trump held an event for hundreds squeezed together on the White House lawn.  While most participants were masked, the Red Hat MAGA show still comes only two weeks after the now infamous Judge Amy Coney Barrett super spreader event.  That little outing seems to have put a league of White House staff and friends into COVID Siberia, or even the hospital.  Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just completed a week's stay. The catagion numbers mount. Over nine people who attended a recent Trump Minnesota rally contracted the disease. The country is bracing for a covid-infected fall. 

Over the past seven days, roughly fifty thousand people got sick every 24 hours. Yet, despite the risks, Donald Trump insists upon holding these election rallies unmasked and without social distancing. 

His goal this week when he flies from hanger to hanger with massive and adoring crowds, is to pretend that nothing has changed since February of this year, claiming the coronavirus is of no moment.  The message is to ignore the 215,000 or so lives cut short.  His campaign wants us not to be concerned that another hundred thousand people might not be here when the new year tolls.  

His lack of concern is not new.  But now, due to his own personal coronavirus experience, he can essentially tell the nation that "fear is for suckers, I am the cure."  However, there is panic in his pandemic madness and "all-is-great" voice. The voters know better. They know this is no "mission accomplished" as he wants to project.  They laugh when he and the GOP fake an ad claiming that Dr. Anthony Fauci is praising the president's fight against the virus. 

While the pandemic worsens, so does Trump's plea for outside assistance.  Looking for the October surprise, he goes after old targets.  On talk radio and TV, Trump screeches for the imprisonment of President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even his current presidential opponent, Joe Biden.  Who cares if there are no facts even close to probable cause?  He wants them indicted to save his own campaign.  The man who said his Ukraine phone call was perfect, that he did not seek to damage Biden's campaign, dredges up his enemies of old and even tweets that Biden should not even be allowed to run for the White House. 

Trump takes to the airwaves threatening his cabinet leaders to act now, to stir up some scandals. He's angry at Bill Barr for not bringing the Russia investigation to the public before the elections. He's publicly demeaned Secretary of State Pompeo for not releasing Hillary's emails before elections.   Pompeo, after being scolded, promises he will still deliver the Clinton email bag before November 3. The president has pushed the Senate to rev up an investigation into the Bidens as if the motive would not be apparent.  For generations, Presidents have avoided using their governmental and cabinet powers to investigate their opposition. This president breaks all rules and standards. He intimidates his own allies on twitter if they fail to follow his orders to take down his perceived enemies.  The world is viewing the Republic of the United States turn into the Banana Republic of America.

Trump is grasping, smash, coughing, gasping as his panic speaks loud but very clear. He's getting very desperate.

Right in front of our eyes, we're witnessing his narcissism affecting every action, every word he utters. As a result, the president has lost whatever self-control he previously could manage.  He has reason to be concerned. His taxes are now a daily news item.  More financial records are about to be released—the New York Attorney General, the Manhattan. DA, with blood in their eyes, hover over their prey. According to the NY Times, the president faces a $400 million debt. News reports from today, using Trump's own tax records, show that he has filled the swamp with lobbyists, businesses and governments willing to pay to swim in the Trump family muck.

Our days grow shorter while Donald Trump's temper glows longer.   The president sees the political and legal clouds darken. He can't tolerate failure on a world stage. His bizarre behaviors become more abnormal and shrill than usual.  He blames his family, friends, and allies. It's all their fault, never his own. 

Each news cycle is worse than the other as we count down to what could be the inevitable.  Last week, the specter of far right and anti-government terror was revealed. He told us it did not exist.  He has ignored it despite pleas from his own FBI and National Security. 

America has had enough of this evil and dangerous reality show. While he claims that he and this nation are in the picture of health, the nation laughs and urges that we quickly change the channel.  This country longs for redemption after selling out for personal greed. With each breath passing, we’re witnessing before our eyes, the ugly self-destructive portrait of moral decay in our leader and in ourselves.

We know this is madness. We yearn for a new tomorrow. We see the graying of America's beauty.

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