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Quin Hillyer: Republican Party is based on ideas, not obeisance to one man Featured

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Now that Donald J. Trump is no longer residing in the White House, Republicans and conservatives, throughout the country, are reflecting upon the role the one-term president should play in determining the party’s future.  Due to the attack upon the Capitol of January 6, the issue has become front and center for many party members.  Some are surprised that Trump still wields enormous power. Others are not only not surprised but are pleased that he is still doing so.

On Friday, I discussed current political events with Quin Hillyer, who is the Senior Commentary and Editor for the Washington Examiner.


Below is part I of our wide-ranging discussion that focused upon a variety of issues including Trump’s role in the GOP, the $1.9 trillion-dollar covid relief bill, cancel culture and more.  In this segment we discuss the Trump factor which discussion started when I showed him an article image referring to the Republican Civil War, as some call it

SABLUDOWSKY:  What's going on? I mean, you're Republican, you're conservative. I mean, this obviously has got to be making, you know, it's got to be hurting you, inside.

HILLYER: Well, yeah, it's been hurting me inside ever since. Ever since Trump became the man. We are a party. And even more than that, I thought, a conservative movement, because I was always more conservative than a Republican. But we are supposed to be a movement and a party, based on ideas, not on obeyance to one man, especially when he has done so much to actually hurt the party. What he did, to basically cost the republican party and conservatives two Senate seats in Georgia should have made every republican so furious with him that we don't want anything to do with him again. You know, that's, that's purely political, but on an, you know, a basis of behavior on the basis of ideas on a basis on the basis of what he has done to the culture, and even on the basis of policy in lots of respects. We should not be embracing Trump and we certainly should not be having all of our activity revolve around around this man, all of our activity revolve around whether you're loyal to him or not. And if you're not, then we're gonna try to cancel you. That's absurd. In fact, it's absurd. Even if you like Trump to have this sort of cult of personality thing where any any word critical of Trump suddenly gets you canceled by the by the MAGA crowd by an even by the official party organs. That's not the republican party I grew up in.

SABLUDOWSKY: Were you surprised that Cassidy got canceled, so to speak?
I wasn't surprised because I saw the the the republican state Central Committee of Louisiana, really beclown itself the year before. When it, I think it was the year before maybe it was the month before. When it voted to censure Mitt Romney, I guess it was the year before voted to censure Mitt Romney, because he voted against Trump in the first impeachment trial. And it shows a they don't know what a censure is about a censure is a group making a statement against one of its own. Now you tell me how a senator from Utah is, is part of the organization of a party organization in Louisiana. If it makes absolutely no sense, you can pass maybe a resolution of disapproval or something like that. But a censure is literally something that that a group does to one of its-- it's also something that is very, at least was seen as as a very formal, very major rebuke. And it usually has to do with something that is for an ethical violation, a legal violation, or, you know, some absolutely horrible beyond the pale action. And I'm sorry, but a vote of conscience is not something that is deserving of censure in any way shape or form. That is not an ethical violation, much less a legal violation. It is not a some horrible action. It is a vote and you don't send somebody over a vote.

SABLUDOWSKY: Well they did.

HILLYER: Well, they get in that that and as I say they'd beclowned themselves when they did so. But having done that to Mitt Romney, he's from Utah. Did it surprise me that they did it to Cassidy who's from Louisiana, even though he's not on the state Central Committee itself? Of course, it did not surprise me but it again made me very sad because that's not the party that I grew up in.

SABLUDOWSKY: Right, right. You've been a republican for how long?

HILLYER: My mom pushed me around in a baby carriage door to door for Barry Goldwater and Dave Treen in 1964. Ah, I was six months old. So I guess you could say I've been one since birth, but actively I mean, when I was 12 years old. I actually was a month before my 12th birthday, I sent $1 into the Ronald Reagan's primary campaign that year. So I've been I've been added a long, long time. If you started when, when I was active enough to to dig up $1 and send it in. I guess you'd say I've been doing it for what's that? 45 years now?

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