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Biden & Dems Covid-19 relief brewing a "Tea Party time" response? Featured

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Is Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief bill good legislation?  Obviously, the Democrats seem onboard. Republicans? Not so much.  Well, "not at all", seems more accurate.

This weekend, the Democrats in the Senate approved the legislation 50-49 and it is now headed to the House for its own vote on Senate changes. Then, if it does get the House ok, the instrument is on to the President for his signature.

 However, the partisan process is not exactly what candidate Joe Biden promoted. An all-Democratic Party approved legislation, even as urgent as emergency funding, cuts against the claim that the president could bring the parties together on the tough agenda items.

On Friday, I questioned Quin Hillyer about his views on the legislation that was then pending the Senate vote. Hillyer, a conservative Republican and Senior opinion writer and editor for the Washington Examiner, who has been quite critical of his party under Donald Trump, was in full agreement with his party. Below is the video of the relevant segment and the transcription. 

SABLUDOWSKY: Yeah, yeah. It's been a long, long time for sure. So anybody want to respond to comment? Please go ahead and just jump on in. I'll put up a different image right now. And it says why democrats may look back on the 1.9 trillion COVID relief bill with regret. I don't know if you read the article or not. But do you think that the title is correct?

HILLYER: I'm not sure, it's it's tough to predict politically how it will play. I know that it is an absolutely God awful bill. It's it's a disgrace if you've got something that's supposed to be for COVID relief, and yet massive amounts, massive percentages of the spending have nothing to do with the virus, have nothing even to do with second degree effects of the virus, but they're just pork barrel spending. They are you know, sort of things that the democrats couldn't get past any way else. So they throw it into this bill. That is, first of all, it's bad guys. But it also makes a mockery of the seriousness of the virus itself. If you're gonna spend money on virus relief, by Gosh, focus it on virus relief. And the democrats haven't done that. And at some point, I think, just like what happened when they had the stimulus package in 2009 second stimulus packages that that shovel ready jobs that weren't shovel ready that Barack Obama pushed through, it created such a reaction, it created the Tea Party in reaction, and, and the democrats got walloped in the next midterm elections. And when you do stuff like this, people get angry, and they become active, active in politics to defeat you, and so that that could happen this time to Democrats.

SABLUDOWSKY: Well, let me just throw out this play devil's advocate and that is that they're getting they're putting money into people's pocket there. They are. Funding teachers, or funding government that is, has been deprived of resources over the last year. I mean, that's the argument.

HILLYER: Well, that's their argument. But if that's their argument, then actually do that. It's something like of the $1.9 trillion 450 billion is all that actually goes to anything even remotely connected to virus response, or even second degree viruses response it, the rest of it is just big government expansion, or pork barrel spending, or stuff that actually the American people if you voted on it, you know, if there was a national referendum on a bunch of items that people would reject overwhelmingly, they're there, they're putting in sort of policy, things in there that they couldn't get any any other way. This is a massive boondoggle, and if they want COVID relief, then focus it on COVID relief. That's what I say.

SABLUDOWSKY: Okay, so I'm gonna play a video right now, if you don't mind.

INTERVIEW WITH SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: And if I could, and if I could say a word about the Coronavirus bill or President Biden, because we're gonna be taking it up tomorrow. President Biden said and putting together the bill, he said, We want them. We want to meet you--us, the republicans halfway. If that's the case, he's a damn poor Judge of distance. He's rejected everything we've proposed. This bill's dreadful. The only way I know how to improve it is with a shredder. It's not even a Coronavirus bill. Calling this the Coronavirus bill is like calling Harvey Weinstein a feminist.

SABLUDOWSKY: There you are. You agree?

HILLYER: I do. I've been critical of John Kennedy for the last several years. But he's right on target here. And it's exactly the same thing I've been saying. This is not a Coronavirus bill this is a fund democratic priorities bill including fun democratic interest groups bill and it is a disgrace. There is there is nothing in it that that should make us want to pass it even the good stuff that's in it is not good enough to make up for all of this trash.

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