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Trump tells the Republican Party, "My way" or "The My way" Featured

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So, the GOP doesn't like Trump hogging donors for $ which he is demanding cash go only to his Save America PAC. He claims he doesn't want any $ to go to RINO'S (and fools) and presumably those who impeached him.  He says he doesn't want his name/identity to be used without his approval.
If you're a donor, just what do you do? Do contribute to his personal slush fund PAC or do you stay loyal to the party? True, the party might help people like Rep. Cheney, Romney and others.
But, don't forget, the number of Republican US Senators not seeking re-election is now up to FIVE.  Not good, even for mastermind Mitch McConnell.

According to experts, Trump is able to do just about anything with that money. He can basically use it as personal income, maybe even pay his debts and his legal fees. I assume he can hire his kids with it as consultants. Can travel, eat at the best dineries. Maybe even use it as collateral? Not sure what the limitations are.  
And the idea that he would require permission to use his identity in an ad or promotion opens up a grocery warehouse full of cans of worms. Does that mean, Pelosi can demand that GOP or Trump can't use her identity in an attack ad? Sounds logical to me.

He claims he is a Republican. Is he? Ask: Is he going to drive more of Republicans away by this action that is loaded with greed, graft, grift and get-even gotchas? Does he really want to keep $ away from RINO'S or does he want to control all future elections, take personal advantage of the cash geyser for control and revenge?

Is this when the Republican Party says, enough!! After all, he told us five years ago, was was really really rich and blasted his opponents for raising money. Said it was not ethical. Now, he's doing so by trying to call all the shots with can in one hand and the other hand stuffing the haul deep into his own pockets.
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