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Since the November vote, Trump has been calling the 2020 contest (the one where he got shellacked), a "stolen election". He promoted what others coined "Stop the Steal". That phrase inspired some of his most angry supporters to the "The Big Insurrection" at the nation’s capitol. As a result, hopefully, some of those folks who he whipped into a frenzy will spend time in the BIG HOUSE.

After over 60 court decisions, including his own 6-3 majority US Supreme Court bouncing him on his supreme tush, Trump continues with his attack upon our democracy.   He has "ghosts-of-a-chance" fantasy to change the elections results.  His behavior reminds many of us of an emotionally spoiled-brat--who will torch earth rather than being branded as a “loser”.

His constant claims that he won the election spawned his opposition to accuse him of engaging in  "The Big Lie", equating his deliberate falsity to Hitler's own “Big Lie” propaganda.  The demonic German dictator said if you tell the big lie and keep repeating it, people will believe it.  Apparently, Trump got the memo.

Despite the futile odds of success, now, Trump is throwing another Hail Mary.   He is claiming that a paid-for-by-Trumpers Arizona vote count just might reveal thousands and thousands of fake votes from the November 3 elections.  His obvious goal is to cause doubt in Arizona and spread it throughout Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, so that, I suppose, he will unseat what he claims is the imposter in the Oval.  His last Hail Mary was January 6 when he threw red meat at a pack of mad dogs while whispering the words, "eat peacefully".  His goal was for some how they would fight like mad and stop the final Congressional election tally.

Yesterday, perhaps to change the subject from what does Rudy Giuliani know, he decided to co-opt the “BIG LIE” phrase thrown at his own claims that he lost only because the election was stolen.  In a press release, he said from this day going forward, the stolen election is going to be called "The Big Lie". 

Enter Liz Cheney. The third-highest ranking republican house member said “enough!”.  She will not allow her party to intentionally spread a falsehood. Instead of her fellow House members sharing her views, they find it more comfortable to remain married to Trump to the end.  They are choosing to promote the BIG LIE over the sanctity of democracy.  They are frightened that Trump will “Cheney” them too into a primary loss, come 2022.  Unfortunately, their every utterance that the elections of 2020 was stolen puts a stake into the heart of what makes our country exceptional.  They know better.

I have witnessed first-hand how many Trump-always advocates have promoted the BIG LIE. I have challenged many of them to provide evidence that shows that Trump lost, only because, the victory wreath was stolen from him. Not a single person, when challenged, has even tried to present any facts. Instead, they have all run away from providing evidence they can support.

This now-six-month charade of voter fraud and elections stolen has serious consequence upon our future.  Some of our dads and grandfathers fought the BIG LIE during the 1940’s. Back then, angry Germans chose to fully embrace their leader over truth. They took a blood oath of loyalty to support him at all costs.  Those decisions left stains of blood and horror that have taken decades to remove, if ever.

Should the GOP choose the BIG LIAR over decency, courage and country, that choice will be theirs forever.  They knowingly understand the course they take.  They cannot claim they were “just following orders” or that they “didn’t know” what was going on.

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