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Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Greene serve as Putin, Russia helpers Featured

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How dangerous are Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene? Let me count the ways.

Both are incredibly pro-Putin.  Despite their protestations to the contrary, their comments serve Russia. Our adversary is using their statements on Moscow media to justify its own evil military misdeeds.  

Last night, on the Tucker Carlson show, the topic was the destruction of the wheat belt in Ukraine. Tucker claimed that Biden controls Zelensky. He said all Biden had to do would be to call and tell Zelensky to stop the war. It would be that simple.  Gee, who woulda thunk it?

Later, Greene indicated her constituents really don't care two twits about Ukraine. She said they are worried about inflation, the border and gas prices. She wished Biden, Democrats and even Republicans in Congress would do more about those issues rather than—as she said “beating the drums of war and wanting nuclear war with Putin which will undoubtedly lead to food shortages and famines and that people will really suffer”.

Think about what this far-right lunatic of a mouthpiece is basically saying:

Democrats and Republicans and Biden are beating the war drums;

They are doing so because they WANT nuclear war with Putin;  (Let me repeat, they all want war with Putin).

Once there’s a nuclear war, we’re looking at food shortages and famines;

Food shortages and famines will really cause people to suffer.

Good Lord!! This lady is a member of Congress? This is now the “go-to” voice on Fox News, Qanon News and white supremacist conclaves?

Her logic is not just bizarre. It’s frightening.

The GOP, who last week ultimately would not fund military help for Ukraine, claims Biden is SOFT on Putin. Lindsey Graham has gone as far as saying Biden is personally “scared of Putin”. 

Scared of Putin?  Oh, Brother!!

Biden, like any responsible leader, is scared of what Putin would do once he’s cornered. He and all of our allies are fearful that the Ukraine-Russia conflict could explode into a full-blown military conflagration.  Just today, in Europe, they formally have elevated their concerns that Putin might resort to biological, chemical, or even worse, nukes. Unlike the “other guy”, Biden knows that sending love letters, sealed with a kiss might work with a young wannabe years from being a real threat.  He knows that chocolate candy, flowers and vodka won’t work with a guy whose arsenal tops our own.
Whether one agrees or not with this president on these or other issues, Biden is walking softly and carrying a big stinger.  He’s determined NOT to flip a irrational unpredictable man into a scorch-the-earther. Biden does not want Putin to turn to the ultimate “N-Word” of N-words. 

Once that first nuke is triggered (even if tactical), we’re not just waving bye to Ukraine.  It’s pretty much adios amigo to large parts “good old Mother Earth”. Concerns about Global warming would be an after thought.

Back home, Greene’s voters would just might be a little more worried about food inflation, gas prices, shortages and even famine.  

Carlson, Greene and others in the pro-Russia fraternity want us to allow Russia to gobble up Ukraine.  Tonight their alleged concerns are the wheat belt, higher bread prices and hungry people throughout the world.  Previously, they’ve lionized poor Vlad. In a real showcase of America First patriotism, they’ve blamed Ukraine, Biden and NATO for the war, not the guy who crossed that red line. 


The irony is profound. Their logic is stupefying.  They claim the president is weak, so, giving Putin the Ukraine would make Biden stronger? Turning Odessa into a Russian vacation spot would make NATO feel more at home?  If we tossed the Bear that Ukraine bone, would that end its hunger? Or, would it only feed its aggression?  Amazingly, the same folks who have pasted Biden for Afghanistan weakness claiming he sent invitations to Russia and China, now believe total capitulation makes us stronger.

That fraternity is playing Russian Roulette with our lives.  They’re adding bullets to a world threatening our collective fate.

It’s time we speak up and say, “enough!”. It’s past time to say out loud and in unison--“Let us count the treachery”.   



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