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January 6 Select Committee revealing Trump crime smoking gun Featured

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Did Donald Trump commit crimes that the DOJ should prosecute? Is there a smoking gun of proof?

I say, YES, to both. And that evidence that will be presented at the next House Select hearing on Thursday will be the point of no return for the current DOJ. The gun will be revealed.

When it is presented, it will be virtually impossible for AG Merrick Garland to not pursue a criminal case against Trump. I believe the only possible way that Garland would not prosecute would be if he decides that doing so would further inflame the nation’s already combustive political environment to a “point of no return”.

Testimony from the January 6 House Select Committee has indisputably proven that the senior professionals in his political orbit told him in no uncertain terms, that he was full of it.

His former Attorney General Bill Barr testified that his claims of voter fraud were “bull sh*t” and IF Trump believed the stuff he was pushing out to millions of angry people, he would be attached from reality.

Other members of what is being called “Team Normal” such as his former campaign manager, the political director of Fox News, former spokesperson, daughter, son-in-law, top campaign attorney, and others made it very clear that he lost.

Trump hired professionals to run his campaign. Yet once his numbers showed he was skewing towards the losing end, he ignored their advice. Instead of listening to the top experts in the industry, he took the high-ball advice of the intoxicated Rudy Giuliani. The “Mayor” called for Trump to claim widespread voter fraud. Trump had said for months that the only way he could lose would be by voter fraud. Then, only hours after the November 3rd polls closed, he shockingly--even for Trump, told the nation that he won the election. Despite being told for months that after the burst of day-of-election votes were recorded, the later votes would favor Biden. Democrats voted by mail-in voting and have done so for decades. Yet, Trump in the wee hours of the November 4th morning, shockingly demanded the states stop counting the votes.

Instead of listening to the Team Normal, his own paid consultants and family, he followed the madness and fantasies of the bizarre—Mr. Pillow, Giuliani, the crazy Kracken attorney and promoted the lunacies being spewed from Hannity, Fox News, Michael Flynn, and Qanon.

He tweeted millions and millions of false tweets of information about a stolen election which predictably and ultimately led to a well-planned coup and riot in the Capitol.

There is debate whether Trump believed the nonsense he has been pushing. In a 12-page memo he released yesterday, he blasted Democrats and the Deep State for the Congressional inquiry, however, it wasn’t Democrats who have testified. It has been his campaign team, the Team Normal, who is providing the gun and the kerosene.

What has been proven and made even more evident yesterday in his off-the-wall angry memo is that he refuses to face reality and will easily lie repeatedly to save himself. His memo failed to even mention that it was his campaign that has outed him. They have chosen “truth” over blind loyalty, which he so demands from everybody.

In short, the former president is engaging in “willful blindness”, which essentially is a “see-no-evil” behavior. In this case, he has proven that he is unwilling to accept facts he doesn’t like. Truth damages the way he wants to see the world. Or another way to view the situation, he has engaged in a gross violation of criminal negligence. It doesn’t matter for prosecution sake whether the DOJ and state district attorneys can prove that he knew the truth but lied. The question to ask is--should he have known. If prosecutors can prove scienter, actual knowledge, the crimes would be more severe.

Trump’s professionals, Barr, and the subsequent AG officials told him the facts. They repeatedly told him they investigated all the complaints. The courts also decided. The subsequent audits and recounts have confirmed. Yet, even today, Trump simply refuses the evidence. As a result, he has caused irreparable harm to this nation. He has a choice. As his defense, he can claim that he honestly and truly believed all the Qanon and right-wing conspiracies. If he did, he has shown he is dangerously incompetent and that he should never step into the White House, again. Regardless, the evidence is so obvious and overwhelming against him, at the minimum, he failed to see the bright lights blasting before him. He refused to open his eyes.

Here’s where the smoking gun comes in. He corruptly acted in a way that used the authority of his office and tried to influence state election officials through fraud.

The Washington Post laid out the facts that have been mentioned in the media over the past few months. As background, Trump wanted his acting Attorney General (Rosen) to give a message to the state legislatures. Thus, quoting the Post:
“The next day, Trump told Rosen in a phone call that “people are very mad with the Justice Department” not investigating voter fraud and referred to having met with Clark.
Rosen told Trump that the Justice Department could not “flip a switch and change the election,” according to notes of the conversation cited by the Senate Judiciary Committee.
“I don’t expect you to do that,” Trump responded, according to the notes. “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.” The president urged Rosen to “just have a press conference.”
Rosen refused. “We don’t see that,” he told Trump. “We’re not going to have a press conference.”
A top Clark associate, meanwhile, prepared to send him a draft of the letter to state legislatures.
There it is. This information as stated in the Post is not just a smoking gun, it’s an AR-15 engulfed in a red-hot inferno.

In summary, Trump has also told the Georgia Secretary of State that he should find enough votes to win. He made this request after floating the threat of criminal action against the Georgia official.

In the Rosen case, Trump wanted his DOJ to lie for him, to declare that the election was corrupt when that office repeatedly told him that it wasn’t. Trump said he and his Republican Congressmen would take it from there. The president felt he needed the seal of approval from the DOJ to get the state legislatures to act on his behalf without much time remaining until January 6. The trouble for Trump is--every state protects its elections by law, demanding that people not interfere. Those who don’t follow the state's mandates pay the price. Jail time. Trump’s plan was designed to deceive the states. That deception would have interfered with those election outcomes, the chosen electors.

The former president complains that the House proceedings are a kangaroo court. The problem for him is the kangaroos are not jumping in his favor. These are his guys under oath. If he insists the opposition stole his election, he should testify and outline his facts under cross-examination. Somehow though, a little kangaroo tells me that he would not dare.

Trump’s days are numbered. The smoking gun is on the table in flames for the world to see.

That is, only if they open their eyes.
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