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Metairie, Louisiana

bayou corneAs the grounds continue to sink and evacuated homeowners are disrupted, the State of Louisiana and local officials have taken off its gloves related to payment assistance to Bayou Corne residents.

Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation James Welsh announced today that Texas Brine may face fines of up to $5,000 a day, or take further enforcement action, if the company does not indicate its intention to cooperate with the enforcement order issued last week requiring immediate payment of assistance to Bayou Corne residents under an evacuation order, including retroactive payments dating back to the original evacuation order.


louisianaKatrina Anniversary

Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation will re-light the light in the New Canal Lighthouse at West End.  Katrina destroyed this landmark and it will be brought back to life as the New Canal Lighthouse Museum and Education Center!  The Re-lighting will be full of activities to mark this wonderful event beginning with a Press Conference with Senator Mary Landrieu set to take place at 5:15 p.m. at the New Canal Lighthouse on Lakeshore Drive. Senator David Vitter will be present for the Re-Lighting.  Other speakers include Susan Guidry of the New Orleans City Council. The first Annual Re-Light the Light Run/Walk and Relighting Ceremony will take place on Wednesday evening, August 29, 2012The 2 Mile & ½ Mile Run Walk will take place along beautiful Lakeshore Drive and proceeds from the race will benefit Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) and the rebuilding of the New Canal Lighthouse Museum and Education Center.

supreme-court-raceThe decision who will be the next Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice has gone from the legal to the judicial with a foot and arm smack in the political arenas.

Then, this is Louisiana, after all where politics prime over everything imaginable.

However, in this case, the issue is not just politics, it is race.

Black versus White.

Many of the stalwart conservatives believe that Jeffrey Victory should be the next Supreme Court Justice while many of the liberals feel it should be Bernette  Johnson who would be the first woman African American Supreme Court Justice in Louisiana.


goshepPIERRE PART, La. – Louisiana State Police on Wednesday escorted truckloads of equipment that will be used to construct the Texas Brine relief well near the sinkhole in Bayou Corne, as state agencies continue their support of response efforts to assist the community nearby.

LSP began providing an escort for 25 oversized loaded trucks that contained the pieces of the rig that will be assembled on Bayou Corne so that Texas Brine can explore its salt cavern. The equipment left Bosco, La. at 9 a.m. using five off duty troopers supplemented by on duty troopers for traffic control situations at major intersections along the escort route.  The company is using ten trucks for the 25 escorted loads and will return to Bosco throughout the day.


liberalWithin the shadows of right-wing talk radio world, resides a voice without eyes but a man with an interesting yet strident vision as to the world he watches.  

This man has angered many conservative radio talk show hosts and station managers now for years and has been banned from various stations from time to time in his quest to enlighten his political and philosophical opposition who appear to dominate the echo chamber of new age audio politics.


spag-vitt2While the New Orleans Saints are getting ready for their next opponent, this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars, eyes are still pointing towards Poydras and Camp streets in New Orleans-based federal Judge Ginger Berrigan still has not issued her decision on Vilma v. NFL Bounty claims.

Many football and court watchers, and certainly the protagonists in this match—Jonathan Vilma, NFL, Roger Goodell, NFLPA the suspended players and coaches and others are waiting anxiously for the verdict.

edwards-trinaOnly moments ago, Trina Scott Edwards the wife of Edwin Edwards, former Governor of Louisiana, posted the following on her Facebook page to explain what is in her heart now that she and her husband have disclosed they want to have a baby and plan to make the effort in October.

No, this is not a reality show which is actually what the Edwards are currently shooting. 

But, it's real.


Ernesto1Tropical Storm Ernesto could reach hurricane force sometime on Monday southwest west of Jamaica said the National Hurricane Center on Friday.

The storm has a sustained 50mph winds and gusts of 63mph.  It is zooming westward across the Carribbean Sea.


MoretToday, leaders from the State of Louisiana, NASA, LSU and UNO committed to a five-year extension of an agreement to support and develop the National Center for Advanced Manufacturing, or NCAM, which is located at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans.


louisianaToday, Governor Bobby Jindal marked the opening of the new L.E. Fletcher Technical Community College campus development. 

The new development will house facilities including the new Coastal Commerce Library, an academic resource learning center, student services offices, nine computer labs, and 25 classrooms for arts, sciences, accounting and business programs. 


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