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Metairie, Louisiana

liberal-media-biasOn Saturday, talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh apologized for calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “prostitute” and a “slut.” In testimony before Congress, she demanded free birth control prescriptions, noting that without insurance coverage it could cost a woman $3,000 over three years of law school. Fluke claimed that she was “embarrassed” at the pharmacy counter when she discovered for “the first time” that such contraceptives were not included in the Georgetown health insurance plan.

gregg-williamsGregg Williams, now defensive coordinator of the Rams, probably will get the longest suspension. He has been summoned by the NFL to come to New York for a league meeting regarding paying players in at least one city -- and reportedly more -- bounties to injure opponents.

Why is Williams going to New York? On at least one occasion, Williams and other coaches and players, said they know nothing about players being paid extra for turnovers and/or kill shots.

jindal-pic-mardi-gras-crimeLouisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and the state lawmakers are preparing for the upcoming Louisiana legislative session. There is much on the plate-education reform, government retirement pension reform, the budget and hundreds of bills before them.

Also, as the session takes shape, national politics are heating up.  Every day there is more controversy emerging from the GOP primary season which for now is splitting up the national party. 

planned-parenthoodso the susan g. komen for the cure foundation has decided to get involved in politics and withhold funds from planned parenthood. since planned parenthood is one of the few places in the country where many lower- and middle-class women can reliably access breast cancer testing, consultation and treatment, this kind of sucks.

but what sucks more is that evangelical douchebags manipulating the foundation are now in the business of bringing death to women by damaging access to these vital life-saving services, all because of one slimy florida congressman doing the political bidding of religious fanatics, and in league with his teabag compatriot on the komen staff.

Wednesday, 01 February 2012 16:36

Eli, Peyton Manning and Super Bowl Frenzy

Giants-gameIt's now days before the BIg One-Super Bowl Sunday and the frenzy has begun.  Here in New Orleans, the Who Dats are still licking their wounds being denied this opportunity but the region is still highly interested in the outcomes, if only because the talk of the sports world, The Mannings are home-town heros.

Eli Manning was asked 13 questions at his news conference after the Giants arrived in Lexington for the Super Bowl. Six of them concerned his brother Peyton. Following are some of the questions and answers:

global-warming-cracks-newAlmost exactly two years after the unauthorized release of the “Climategate” emails from East Anglia University in England that stood the global warming debate on its ear, the leaker has struck again. This time the person who is releasing the files made statements that indicate his or her motivation for taking these actions. The comments are revealing. In essence, the person’s motivation appears to be anger with the fact that the “science” behind global warming is far from settled and that the scientists featured in the emails are building a political case that will cost consumers of energy trillions of dollars. The leaker is especially concerned about the impact the carbon reduction regulations will have on the poor:

bayou-classicGrambling State won the XXXVIII State Farm Bayou Classic on Saturday at the Mercedes Benz Superdome beating southern 36-12.

Mark Ingram

The New Orleans Saints take on World Champions St. Louis today.

“World champion” as in major league baseball after they won the World’s Series on Friday.

Jimmy GrahamTall and obviously very talented, New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is showing his worth.  Only in his second year, he is having one of the best seasons ever for a tight end. He has 45 receptions for  674 yards and 5 touchdowns

He and running back Darren Sproles have become Drew Brees' favorite short-yardage targets.

Growing up, Graham was bounced around homes and had various caretakers in an emotionally distrustful childhood.

Jordan CameronOther than being the first rematch since the 2009 Super Bowl, how important is today’s game for the New Orleans Saints against Indianapolis Colts?

Based upon today’s results, the team could pull ahead of Tampa Bay once again. The Bucs lost today and are now 4-3.  The Saints, who lost to the Buccaneers last week could pull ahead with a 5-2 record.  The Falcons and the Panthers also won today and stand at 4-3 and 2-5 respectively.

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