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Metairie, Louisiana

On Tuesday, Bernie Pinsonat of the Southern Media Opinion & Research (SMOR) released a new statewide poll focusing upon the mood of the Louisiana voters.  One of the biggest surprises was evidence that Governor Bobby Jindal who has made a strong effort to appeal to a national audience is losing popularity back home.  Also, voters appear weary of government yet they realize that many of the government programs will be cut this spring. Here is a Bayoubuzz interview with Pinsonat regarding the fall 2010 SMOR poll.

Governor is on the book tour road but this time it is not California or Washington DC or Fox News.

It is within his own confines..Baton Rouge.

Thanksgiving has passed and our focus takes us to the battle of the books with Governor Bobby Jindal, Mrs. Jindal and Sarah Palin sporting new books. Also, some items related to the Louisiana budget, unemployment and a a Small Business Summit sponsored by Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the City of New Orleans.  

Bobby  Jindal says he has the job he wants which is to be governor of Louisiana.

While many pundits throughout Louisiana believe that the republican Jindal will not fulfill a second term of office, as of this date there are no challenges—either from the republican or democratic camps for the position of Louisiana governor.

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An Organization called S.A.V.E LA is urging Louisiana and Americans to attend Governor Palin's book signings with proceeds going to Louisiana higher education.

In what might be a "political one-upmanship" between two rising political stars or perhaps "Who can sell the most political books before Christmas or the GOP national convention"  or perhaps even "hitting where it hurts in one's own back yard", the action clearly appears to be an orchestrated swipe at Governor Jindal.  It might also be the second of a round of national political snipes between the two republicans governors or some say Presidential hopefuls.

The airplane engine buzz hovering over Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s latest travels are raising questions that hopefully our busy chief executive might one day answer--assuming he has the time to focus on matters other than TV appearances and book signings.

When he gets back from the brutish tour helping to make the nation more literate, the one BIG question I have relates to his main motive for jumping into the national debate. Which really dominates—his attempts to cash in early and even get personal benefits from the BP oil spill tragedy or his burning desire to help the nation and in doing so be Louisiana’s ambassador?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 21:46

Dear Diary, Why Can't Bobby Jindal Push His Book?

Dear diary,

Isn’t life in Louisiana just grand?

The Louisiana treasury is as robust and flush as it gets. Our kids are swamped with job offers and future opportunities. Our medical professionals are making so much money that they are willing to handle Medicaid patients for free instead of being reimbursed by the Louisiana government.   Our roads are first class, the economy is booming with cash from our seafood,  tourist and the once-struggling offshore oil industries--none which have ever had it any better.

So, diary, why should any of us complain about Governor Bobby Jindal’s book?


The state is in tip top shape and the Governor has every right to tell the world about "Crises and Leadership" which I understand is the title of his novel.


In the era of claims that the Democratic Congress and the President are not listening to the public, at the time that the Tea Party and the mainstream Republican Party are and likely will be fighting one another for control of the conservative message and the agenda, there might be a ray of partisanship emerging.

blue-manAccording to at least one account, longtime friends Matt Goldman and Chris Wink and their new friend Phil Stanton were sitting around trying to decide what to call their nascent, vaudeville-like, high-tech comedy act, and what kind of gimmick could be utilized to make them stand out above the pack. After much brainstorming and pooling of ideas, a colorful concept was born. The trio would color themselves in blue and call themselves the Blue Man Group. Simple but effective, it turned out to be a winning formula.


The liberal media was up to its usual tricks this week. Yesterday, ABC News aired a heavily promoted interview with the ex-wife of Newt Gingrich. In the interview she claimed that Gingrich wanted an “open marriage.” It was a predictable attack from an embittered ex-spouse. There was nothing new in the charges because the former Mrs. Gingrich has made similar claims in a previous magazine interview. What was new was the network’s outrageous and deliberate attempt to manipulate election results by releasing this interview two days before the South Carolina Republican primary.  

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