bimbo-pizza2This past week, there have been two major media frenzies.

The first has focused upon the alleged sexual harassment charges made against Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, who has spent much time lately denying the claims.

Have the Republicans lost the youth vote in America?  Are tHooverhey at risk to do so?  How do the Tea party and the Occupy Wall Street interplay in attracting the youth?

How is Herman Cain doing in the arena of public opinion since the sexual harassment scandal broke? 

Why is there so much anger in U.S. politics?    

Preservation HallImagine, a gala at the majestic Old U.S. Mint featuring the sights and melodic excitement of New Orleans-styled-jazz.

Then, add notes of celebration for a world-wide recognized institution of music combined with the chords of hope showcasing a new state-of-the-art room where the best musicians can entertain in a comfortable and most-inviting setting.

Howling SuccessIf dogs and cats could talk, they would proclaim the recent LASPCA fundraiser to be a “Howling Success”.

In virtually all probabilities, those attending and those involved with the event, would agree.

gunAfter a harrowing Halloween Night in New Orleans in which shootings and killings screamed out in the night making national news displaying more moments of madness, questions once again.  How do we stop this senseless killing, the bleeding of this city, one especially so dependent upon tourism? 

Dan GlickmanWe're been educated by Fox News, Rush and MSNBC;  We are now debating Tea Party versus Occupy Wall Street?  The extremes appear to be wagging the middle, not the other way around.  We're facing a tenacious debate over national debt, unable to help the fate of the unemployed millions coping with a miserable economy getting even worse.  Our politicians in an election season offer bromides which many claim are the problems, not the solutions.  Amid the backdrop, a few a voice of moderation seeks to forge solutions within a political atmosphere crying for heads to fall.  

A number of vocal conservatives are outraged over Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s selection of John Alario to be President of the Senate.

They are claiming that Alario eviscerates the Jindal “Gold standard” of ethics.





Who is the most powerful Republican politician in Louisiana?  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal or US Senator David Vitter?   

I say Republican because the other politician who wields plenty of clout is Democrat Mary Landrieu.  However, since for now, Louisiana is overwhelmingly in the Red State corner, thus, as a result, her influence is limited on state matters.   

The reason this question is even being raised is because of the high level of participation by both Jindal and Vitter in the recent elections.  A subtext reason is because many believe there is a power struggle now in play between the two GOP officials.

Substantial controversy over a Louisiana law concerning the sale of second-hand or used goods has gone viral across the Internet and has caused plenty of anger and hostility towards the state. 

However, according to the law’s author and at least one other legislator, all the commotion over the legislation is in error and as a result incorrect information is being circulated aboutthose transactions that affect people acquiring or disposing of goods and products one would find in garage sales, flea markets and other popular venues.

Interestingly, Governor Bobby Jindal has been running like a young, energetic candidate whose career is on the line rather than a politician without any real opposition.  Also, the major newspapers are making endorsements in this race and are backing Jindal as if their support really matters.

Many across the nation believe that since Governor Jindal has no real opponent in this election he must be performing a real “Louisiana miracle”.  

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