As we quickly approach Labor Day, it is time to reflect upon whom we want to lead us over the next four years.

The sudden statement from Arnie Fielkow, former New Orleans Saints executive and currently the New Orleans Councilman-At-Large is a loss for the city and state but a win for the National Basketball Retired Players Association..

Fielkow announced today that he would be taking the CEO spot for the NBA crowd.   

Hope GalaThe Greater New Orleans Chapter of the American Cancer Society once again brought hope and well-needed resources to the community with its Eleventh Annual Hope Gala’s party for a cause which was held on Saturday, August 20th, at The Shops in Canal Place.

brideThe Louisiana film industry and reality TV are a good marriage.  Now, it could be even better as a new reality TV show isat the alter this Sunday featuring a French Quarter landmark, a wedding chapel.

Big Easy Brides will feature Reverend Anthony "Tony" Talavera and his wife Lou Ann Talavera of the French Quarter Wedding Chapel.  The reality television show will be broadcasted by WEtv Ssunday August 21st starting at 9 PM CST.  

JindalWill the real Bobby Jindal, please stand up.

On Friday, I received the following campaign piece which touts Jindal as a mega-conservative, Washington as liberals ruining the economy, Louisiana Way not being the "Washington Way", and Louisiana balancing its budget while the "libs" in Congress allow the U.S. debt soar out of control. 

Vella Sculpture WetlandsIt was both a good-news and a good-tasting story.

On Wednesday, Deanie's Seafood French Quarter restaurant located at 841 Iberville St., teamed up with and Vella Vetro Art Glass & Custom Designs' artist James Vella to celebrate the unveiling of a custom-designed glass art installation highlighting the bounty of Louisiana's waters.  The celebration occurred at a private event benefiting the America's WETLAND Foundation.    

LESSMOREOne animation firm from Shreveport is quickly proving that there is no requirement that a digital media firm reside in California or New York to be successful.

Moonbot,   led by William Joyce, world-wide recognized author, illustrator and leader in the digital animation world  is demonstrating that Shreveport possesses great talent and promise.

Stephen SabludowskyThe rather abrupt departure of one Walker Hines from the Louisiana Secretary of State election could make it easier for fellow Republican Jim Tucker, the current Louisiana Speaker of the House.   

Tucker only recently entered the informal gathering of the political willing who appear eager to become the next Secretary of State while Hines has clearly been eyeing that seat since last year.

Hines, a young and very talented freshman legislator opted out of the election and even public service for now for what he states are personal reasons to pursue his financial future and to better his health.


How bad off is the U.S. fiscal situation?  It's liabilities? 

Did the state really address its problems in its recent "balancing its budget"

These were some of the issues discussed in the third part of  Bayoubuzz's interview with Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy.  , The last of the three-part interview focused upon the state's own risks and what Louisiana citizens can do to protect the state and themselves. 

John KennedyDuring the spring, Louisiana barely balanced its budget for this fiscal year given a 1.6 billion dollar shortfall in revenues.  One of the plans emerging from the session is Governor Jindal’s proposal to privatize the Office of Group Benefits (OGB).   

In part 2 of a 3-part Bayoubuzz interview, Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy discusses a need to reassess the budget in light of the recent Standard & Poors downgrade of the U.S. credit rating and other related-events. Also, Kennedy discusses Governor JIndal’s proposal to privatize OGB.

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