John KennedyAfter S & P downgraded the U.S. credit ratings for the first time in history, many have wondered how and if this event would impact states and local municipalities.

To obtain more relevant information regarding how the downgrade might affect Louisiana, on Tuesday Bayoubuzz interviewed the Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy.

The interview is published in a two- part series.

Today, Bayoubuzz publishes Part One which follows below. 

Please listen to the audio for an exact rendition of the interview.

Stephen SabludowskyWhile the Internet, social media is supposed to expedite our journeys into the future, one local New Orleans group is using Facebook to walk down the hallowed grounds of memory lane.

That group is informally called “I grew up in Lakeview did you?”

I first became aware of the Facebook group early Monday morning when I received a Facebook email from a person from too many years gone by, who started the group—Randie Ekman Porobil.  She asked me to please invite anyone who “might enjoy the site”.

With the U.S. debt and credit rating crises playing out on the national stage and with Louisiana elections taking shape this fall, Bayoubuzz turned to Louisiana political poster, Bernie Pinsonat of Southern Media And Opinion Research (SMOR) to take the room temperature of the Louisiana politics, elections, Mary Landrieu, the national debt issues, President Obama, Governor Jindal, the Tea Party, Edwin Edwards and other issues.

romneyFlipflopping in the world of politics?

Or, change of political and moral beliefs due to life events?

Tuesday, 02 August 2011 19:40

U.S. Debt Default Was Not Our Cup Of Tea

Stephen SabludowskyPut me in the family with McConnell, Reid, Boehner and Pelosi.

Include with Louisiana’s Republican Congressmen Alexander, Boustany, Cassidy and Democrats Congressman Richmond and US Senator Mary Landrieu.

It was a vintage Edwin Edwards press conference at the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans French Quarter. 

Edwards, who spent the last years in life in federal prison, addressed the media Saturday for the first time since his release. In doing so, Edwards blamed the U.S. Judge for being unfair and suggested that certain witnesses who testified against him were the cause of his conviction earlier last decade. 

Michelle BachmannThe U.S. is in crises with the growing possibility that the country will go into default. 

There has been no shortage of blame as to how the country has gotten into the mess or how it is failing to get out of it.  

President Barack Obama has been blamed for creating more debt in his short time in office than any other U.S. President.

Should he be blamed?

Louisiana Economy

While some Louisiana politiicians are likely to claim that the state is in good financial shape, that unemployment is lower than its neighbors and that the economy is robust and the best in the South, according to the Institute For Truth in Accounting, Louisiana is at the bottom of the Deep South States in its “Financial State of the Economy as of Fiscal 2009”.

Governor BlancoIt was a hopeful but bittersweet night in Baton Rouge this past Saturday.

The Louisiana Democrats hosted their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. This year, the featured attraction honored Kathleen Blanco for her years of service to the Democratic Party and to the state.

Bittersweet yet hopeful, because those in attendance were cautiously optimistic about the health of former Governor Blanco. Blanco, who retired after battling the eye of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, is now fighting a dangerous rare eye cancer.

Euegene SchreiberI have known Gene Schreiber for more than a decade. 

I have just learned of his death. 

Not only do I think he was one of the most humble and committed person I have ever known, but also one of the kindest. 

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