New Orleans Saints will be playing without the services of star safety Malcolm Jenkins.  Also, tightend Jimmy Graham will not be playing in the playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. 

Here are the Gameday inactive reports released by the Saints and the Seahawks prior to game time.

Jeff CrouereThe national debt of the United States of America has been growing at an alarming rate. On December 31, our national debt topped the $14 trillion level. When Ronald Reagan left office in 1989, the national debt was just over $2 trillion. In 22 years, it has increased 700 percent.

Today, the debt is accumulating with amazing speed. On June 3, 2010, the national debt reached $13 trillion. In a mere seven months, another trillion dollars had been added to this monstrous debt.

Barack Obama has presided over the biggest spending administration in American history. When Obama took office, the national debt was $10.6 trillion, so it has increased an astounding $3.4 trillion in less than two years.

Summary: The New Orleans Saints will be playing the Seattle Seahawks in the Wildcard NFC Playoff game without the services of Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory--both who have been put on injured reserve.

By Christopher Tidmore,
        It was in attending several neighborhood meetings that inspired Willie Jones to run for the open District 101 State House seat in the January 22nd special election to succeed Cedric Richmond.  
        In those gathering of his neighbors, Jones saw that everyone shared the same concern “more police presence” and a frustration at the pace of recovery.  

President Barack Obama held a press conference on Wednesday to talk about the Congressional session, the passing of the START Treaty, bipartisanship, the budget, the national debt, the "Lame Duck" session, gays in the military (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) and other issues. 

LSU star running back Stevan Ridley has been ruled ineligible for the Tigers’ Cotton Bowl appearance on January 7 as a result of an academic issue interpreted by the NCAA as a violation of its bylaws.

On the day that 127-year-old Louisiana institution, Whitney Bank announced the merger with Mississippi-based, Hancock Bank, Louisiana Governor Jindal announced that Benchmark Bank an expansion in Monroe.

John Maginnis   Feeling some public pressure to show he's doing something about the state's looming budget crisis, Gov. Bobby Jindal held a series of well-photographed Mansion meetings with higher education leaders, healthcare providers and K-12 officials. Attendees later said the talks wandered somewhat and resolved nothing, but, for the governor, the words mattered less than the pictures, of reasonable leaders cordially discussing solutions.

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What’s ahead?
    The year 2011 will be no less interesting than 2010 when it comes to politics in our area and in the state.  All statewide offices will be on the ballot in the fall of  2011, as well as state legislative seats.
    Already the political rumor mill is running at full speed about those upcoming elections.  We present here some of the rumors which are the topic of conversation whenever politicos get together.
    Keep in mind that the Legislature will have to reapportion all state Senate and House districts before the 2011 elections.
    Here is a look at our northwest Louisiana  delegation and some of the rumors surrounding them.  We emphasize these are rumors and not fact, unless otherwise specified.

Summary: The Atlanta Falcons football schedule is easier than the New Orleans Saints football schedule as both teams vie for the playoffs.

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