fourchon_bpWhen the deep water Horizon well first began spurring thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf, sympathy from around the nation poured into Louisiana.  The country and the world watched in horror as the Bayou State once again wrestled with the elements of nature and the manmade disaster that followed.  “First Katrina, now the oil. How many hits can the state take?” was a common expression of concern.  But as more states become directly affected by the polluted waters, and the Louisiana political and business leadership continues to call for more drilling, national sympathies are beginning to wane. Is Louisiana pushing the envelope, and trying to have it both ways?

Here are  the names of candidates qualifying on Wednesday  for Louisiana elective  office. The offices include US Senate, US Congress, Lt.Governor and other positions.

Louisiana Democratic Congressman Charlie Melancon and Louisiana Republican U.S. Senator, David Vitter have  qualified for the U.S.  Senate position currently held  by Sen. Vitter.  Also, qualifying in that race is Anthony Gentile, a Libertarian and Cary Deaton, a Democrat.  Deaton's entry might come as a  surprise to many political pundits.

Wednesday, 07 July 2010 21:37

BP Oil Found Again In Lake Pontchartrain

New Orleans, Louisiana sits between (and below...

BP oil Tar Balls were found in Lake Ponchartrain again today as well  as  other locations along the coast of Louisiana;

The below is a situational awareness report of oil impacted areas led by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Louisiana Army National Guard and local governments.

One day after BP tar balls were found in interior waters and a small part of Lake  Pontchartrain was shut down, Governor
Bobby Jindal blasted the federal government in what could be considered his most stinging criticism of the governmental action since the onset of the oil spill.  In particular, Jindal cited a plan that was rejected which the state and local government  claim would have provided some protection to vulnerable coasts. 

NEW ORLEANS, LA. – Former State Representative and New Orleans City Councilmember Cynthia Willard-Lewis announced today her decision to run for State Senate District 2.

NEW ORLEANS – Southeasterly winds and heavy rainfall associated with the low pressure system over the area have increased water in both the Company and Harvey canals, prompting the New Orleans District, in coordination with Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – West and Jefferson Parish, to close the gates at each canal.

With just days remaining until qualifying opens for the fall elections, rumors abound about possible surprise candidates, both in the party primaries and general elections, that could throw the carefully planned schemes of the front-runners aft astray--as was well demonstrated on Monday morning when Councilman At-Large Thomas Capella decided to abandon the Parish President's race and run for Assessor.

Is BP allowing its employees and contractors to be  more accessible to the media?  For weeks one of the biggest complaints within the media and others was the lack of media availability to those who on on the ground or in the waters helping with  the Oil Spill  efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.  In fact, officials from the Coast  Guard have told  media in Louisiana that the  BP contractors had signed  a confidentiality agreement preventing the contractors from talking with the media.

It is said "oil and water do not mix".
Add some a dose of politics and you'll really find chaos.
That is what we are facing as the BP oil spill settles into our wetlands, our beaches and then soaks into our fears and our belief systems.

The man that Governor Bobby Jindal recently appointed as the incoming Commissioner of Administration, Paul Rainwater, announced today that Mark Brady will serve as Deputy Commissioner of Administration, following the retirement of Barbara Goodson, who is retiring after 36 years of state service.  Goodson’s retirement is effective July 25.

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