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How does Sean Payton defend Browner when the Saint can't defend?

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Payton2by Jim W. Miller

One of labor’s endearing clichés is the bumbling employee – we’ll call him Bob - who can’t stay out of his own way. Bob knocks over his coffee cup, soaking the new proposal five minutes before the big presentation. Bob parks in the boss’ spot because the nearest open space is three blocks down the street and around the corner in the auxiliary lot. Bob misreads a newspaper story about a fellow employee and goes around the office whispering that Alice was indicted when the true story said Alice was inducted into an honor society. Safe to say that Bob is the last guy who should go nose-to-nose when the boss calls attention to his latest peccadillo.

But that’s not the way it works in the National Football League, at least the way the Saints' Bob - Brandon “Omigod” Browner - sees it. Browner leads the NFL in penalties with 21 after he was flagged three times in a 41-38 loss Sunday to Carolina. Browner was beaten on a third-quarter touchdown reception by Devin Funchess, and then he argued with teammate Jairus Byrd in the end zone after a Ted Ginn Jr. touchdown reception. That’s when defensive coordinator Dennis Allen took issue with the veteran’s play, which resulted in a chin-to-chin confrontation. It made for great television, shown clearly to a national TV audience before secondary coach Wesley McGriff pulled Browner away.

Browner's performance against Carolina earned a team-worst -4.9 grade from Pro Football Focus for allowing a pair of touchdowns and committing three penalties. PFF also reported that Browner already holds the record for the most penalties in a season of any cornerback in the PFF era (2007-present).

The lousy play is bad enough, but Browner has committed multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that have earned him the reputation as a “bad guy,” like his second penalty Sunday when he pushed former LSU OT Trai Turner to the ground after the play ended. His worst was several weeks ago when the opposing receiver was ten yards down the field and Browner turned and coldcocked a trailing blocker who was just admiring his teammate’s long gain.

And don’t think his peers haven’t noticed. Hall of Fame TE Shannon Sharpe tweeted yesterday: “Watching B. Browner of Saints cover today. I'm convinced He couldn't cover a twin bed with a king sheet.”

Browner’s play and his confrontation with Allen were dismissed after the game by head coach Sean Payton. "Go write a blog about it," Payton snapped when asked about Browner's play. "Browner played well. These guys played hard. It's gonna be a competitive game, and Dennis and he have a great relationship the same way. So, next question." Is Payton the only guy in the stadium who thinks Browner is worth keeping around?

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