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Louisiana's blogger, CB Forgotston will not be forgotten

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forgotstonAnybody and everyone closely watching Louisiana politics over the past couple of decades learned of and followed CB Forgotston, who reportedly died from self-inflicted gun-shot wounds yesterday.

Forgotston, was one of those Louisiana characters who inflicted pain on others through his written and spoken words.  One learned early on not to cross CB, not to get into his way.  We also learned, even if we didn’t like what we read, we respected the words because they came from CB.

He was intensely disliked by some, yet beloved by many.

Whether he took his daily shots at Bobby Jindal, Jay Dardenne, Scott Angelle, the Louisiana legislature, Stephen Waguespack, LABI, judges, former governors, past governors, future governors,  leges, democrats, republicans or all of the above, at once--his daily commentary on was a go-to blog.

His style was acerbic.  Today’s allies were tomorrow’s enemies.

He was not a good listener and at times, his anger would so engulfed him, one would wonder if he was losing it.  But, he was a talker.  A story-teller.  A man with a passion for Louisiana and a wit to attract an audience.

We all have our CB tales. 

Last year, Louisiana lost political columnist John Maginnis and now, starting 2016, political blogger, Forgotston.  

Louisiana politics will never be the same.  CB will never be forgotten.


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