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Pearson Cross talks Jon Bel Edwards, Jindal and Louisiana budget disaster

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PEARSON CROSSThe issue of taxes, revenues and incoming Governor Jon Bel Edwards’ intentions considering a horrible budget deficit has been part of the continuing debate and dialogue since the elections in November.  The speculation was fueled further when the incoming Commissioner of Administration, Jay Dardenne, recently announced that all revenue sources needs to be considered because the budget gap is nearing a horrific $2.5 billion over the next year and a half and worse than initially anticipated.



In a wide-ranging online video interview, Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, discussed these issues with Professor D. Pearson Cross of the University of Louisiana’s political science department.

Here are quick references to part one of that interview:

00:00  Received pretty outrageous emails against Edwards--based upon actions Edwards is expected to take but not yet taken

00:32 A particular shocking one, although nothing has happened yet, was not only did the incoming governor have major plan to raise taxes, he was going to reach into our pockets and as a result, everybody needs to organize to push back against his confiscating private dollars

01:48 All four candidates said the state needed more revenues.  They basically said, nothing can be off the table, that Jindal's “no new revenues” is a non-starter and they left up to public to kind of impute what their individual positions were.  Did not hear any candidate disavow raising new revenues through taxes or some other way

02:55 In a campaign like the governor's race, you can't be the first one to say, “i'm going to tax this and tax that”.  Candidates doing this is opening up for attack. Would have been one thing if they all agreed on particular thing. But in absence of having agreement on revenue plan, nobody had a plan while campaign was still going on. 

04:25 Budget is in very serious hole, took a while to get here and will take while to get out and not going to happen in one special session, one legislative session or in one year.  Multi-year disaster with bad news for everybody.  





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