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Jon Bel Edwards lying? Media coverage lacking? Republicans inconsistent? Stelly Plan needed?

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JIM JOEYIs the incoming Louisiana Governor, John Bell Edwards, telling the truth about the severity of the budget which over the next year-and-a-half could be as deep as $2.6 billion short?  According to Team Edwards, the budget is much more horrific than anticipated.  Some believe the Jon Bel Edwards camp is not be candid about this issue. Others, especially some of the former Vitter supporters are outright calling him a liar.

Is the media doing a good job in reporting the elections or are the traditional media now understaff, underpaid and inexperienced that it is not providing the type of coverage the public received over the years.

Did Jon Bel Edwards overstep by picking his choice of the Speaker of the House, Democrat Walt Leger?  Are the Republicans over-reacting by demanding that one of them, particularly Cameron Henry, be selected?  Who has the greater stroke, the Governor or the Republican Party Chairman along with the Rrepublican voters back home?  And, are the Republicans being hypocritical for demanding independence now, when they failed to do so in the past under the Republican Governor Bobby Jindal?

Last, will the State bring back the Stelly Plan due to the substantial budget shortfall?  If not, what are the other alternatives?

These are issues analyzed as part of a round-table Internet video discussion involving publisher and former elected official Jim Brown, controversial blogger Lamar White, Radio talk show host Joey Sanders Falgout and Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.


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