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Landrieu's New Orleans: More crime, parking tickets, taxes but fewer confederate monuments

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landrieu leeIn New Orleans, 2015 ended just as it began, with a plethora of violence. There were 165 murders in New Orleans last year, a 10% increase from 2014. Other violent crime categories, such as armed robbery, rape and carjacking increased as well. In fact, crime researcher Jeff Asher noted that in each of the last 74 days of 2015 at least one armed robbery or carjacking occurred.   

    People are regularly assaulted in all sections of New Orleans as there is no safe zone. With police manpower stagnant and a broken criminal justice system keeping thugs on the streets of New Orleans, the good law abiding people are facing an ever growing threat.

Instead of action on public safety, Mayor Landrieu spent the last year attending multiple global warming conferences and focusing on the removal of four Confederate monuments. Despite polls that showed residents are not concerned about the monuments, Landrieu was determined to force the issue through the City Council in December. He now faces a federal court hearing next week that will determine whether he is able to remove the monuments or not.

If he does succeed, it will not do anything to improve public safety in New Orleans. It will not revamp the criminal justice system to keep criminals behind bars or improve a broken public education system. It will not restore the broken traditional family unit or instill ethics and morality in our young people.

The anti-Confederate monument crusade is just a feel good, politically correct, liberal initiative to allow Landrieu to tell national Democratic Party leaders that he struck a blow against racism. It possibly gives Landrieu a chance to be considered for a cabinet post if Hillary is elected President.

In the meantime, the Mayor will continue to do what he does best and that is pursue tax and spend policies. On Monday, the rates for parking meters will double in the Central Business, French Quarter and other areas of New Orleans. The hours for the meter enforcement will be extended to 7 p.m. and the ticket prices will be increased 50%. Along with the obnoxious and unpopular speed and red light cameras, and horrible street conditions, Landrieu is making New Orleans as unfriendly as possible to visitors and locals as possible.

Incredibly, instead of tackling the severe problems that he faces, the Mayor is getting ready to start a new political campaign to ask New Orleans voters to increase property taxes. According to Landrieu, the additional revenue will be used to pay for police department upgrades and compensate firemen for unpaid retirement and pension benefits.

Despite the merit of these causes, it is undeniable that the new taxes; increased parking fees, Third World street conditions and out of control crime situation will only drive more property owners and businesses out of New Orleans. In contrast, the suburbs are quite alluring with free parking, lower property taxes, responsive police, lower crime and much less political correctness.

It must be nice for the Mayor to be so divorced from reality. As he focuses in the imagined problem of four Confederate monuments, he is neglecting his most important duties. Ironically, the removal of the monuments will only hurt tourism, the city’s most viable industry that still remains.

The consequences of electing such a liberal as Mayor of New Orleans will be fully realized in 2016 as taxpayers will have to deal with not only more crime, but also the punishment of more taxes. This is never a recipe for success, only for disaster.   



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