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Louisiana inaugural day videos: Edwards family, Nungesser, Blanco, Richmond, ball and all

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inaug 2016Inaguration day for any elected official is always an exciting event.

For those beig sworn into office in 2016 for the State of Louisiana, it was a day not just full of political suspense but some of the finest Louisiana music, food and politics money could buy. 


The day started out making history.  The incoming Louisiana Jon Bel Edwards did not get his wish--his pick for Speaker of the House.  That went to the Republicans, in the person of Taylor Barras.  Shortly after the eventful vote, Democratic US Congressman Cedric Richmond talked about the vote and compared Louisiana to the dysfunction of the US Congress. 

Later during the morning, the incoming first lady, Donna Edwards talked briefly about the big moment for her family and the governor-elect took best wishes from elected officials and others.

Not only was the governor sworn into office but other statewide officials including new Lt. Governor Billy Nungesseer, who discussed his thoughts during the ceremony.

While the inauguration was full of hope, the State of Louisiana has a major budget crises.  Former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco provided her words of advice. 

Last, the big gala Insuguration Ball.  The new governor, talked about his family and his upcoming challenges.

But, first, it was still time to have a great time for the historic day.


Here is the playlist of Bayoubuzz videos for inauguration day.



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