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Sunday, 31 January 2016 22:47

Stockley surprised at Iowa caucus, Polls--Trump, Sanders, Clinton

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trump engineSurprised?  Absolutely.

He’s not alone.  



This is essentially the feelings of Joshua Stockley, political scientist from University of Louisiana-Monroe, who sits in amazement over the recent developments in the presidential election.

With the Iowa caucus tomorrow,, interviewed Dr. Stockley about the presidential elections and other matters.

Why is Stockley surprised about Trump?  Well, for one, The Donald has made some offensive comments but those don’t seem to phase Republicans likely to vote.

What about the establishment candidates poor showin?


Stockley figured Rubio and Bush would do the best with Rubio in the best position for long game.

Yet, despite the overwhelming lead Trump has nationally and in key primary states, Stockley said the primary season is not over.

One the Democratic side, with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton running neck and neck, the political scientist notes a poorly run Clinton campaign on certain issues.

Those are just some of the issues discussed.  Watch the short video for more.


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