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Conservative Poll: Louisiana don't support John Bel Edwards tax policy for budget

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louisiana capital 3The polls and advocacies groups are trying to make themselvs heard here in Louisiana with the state legislature going into special session for the next three weeks to discuss fixing a budget that is at least $850M out of whack this year and $2B short for the fiscal year, 2016-17, starting July 1, 2016.

Here is a statement by the conservative Koch-brothers organization, Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana.

A Louisiana statewide poll released by Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana shows that a majority of Louisianans are opposed to many of the taxes being proposed by Governor John Bel Edwards’administration, including a strong objection to the proposed state sales tax and personal income tax increases. The poll comes in advance of the Governor’s speech tonight which will focus on the state’s widening budget deficit and the tax increases he has proposed to address it.

Currently, Louisiana ranks 3rd among states for the highest combined state and local sales tax rate. This decision would make Louisiana’s rates the highest in the country.

The findings showed several of Governor Edwards’ tax proposals are alarmingly unpopular among citizens of the state: 

  • 83 percent of Louisiana voters are opposed to the proposed personal income tax increase on middle-class working families.
  • The Governor’s proposed 25 percent sales tax increase is opposed by nearly 80 percent of Louisianans.
  • In addition, 80 percent of Louisianans opposed an increase in the telephone tax on both cell phones and land line

“A majority of Louisianans agree: more taxes are not the solution to our state’s budget crisis,” said Phillip Joffrion, state director for Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana. “The fact that the Governor has decided to take to the airwaves to promote these new taxes shows he knows they will be unpopular and is attempting to sway public opinion on the issue. We know these tax increases would hurt our economy, and that’s why a vast majority of Louisianans oppose the Governor’s proposals. The bottom line is our state cannot afford these tax proposals.”

To view the key findings and topline data, please see results here.

The poll was conducted February 5-8, 2016 by Haper Polling using a sample size of n=400 registered voters in Louisiana with a margin of error of +/-4.9 percent.

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