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Jindal rapes Louisiana, Jon Bel Edwards scores a recall petition

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JINDAL NORQUISTBefore the new Democratic governor could even spend his first full month in the Governor’s mansion, Jon Bel Edwards, as expected, came under fire.   He must have known it would happen.  Everybody else did, it would seem.  After all, he is the only statewide democratic elected official in a land surrounded by a hostile sea of red lawmakers.

His poll numbers already reflect, not the usual honeymoon, but a political divorce.

He has inherited, a budget deficit of roughly $3 billion over the course of the next 16 months left by his predecessor Republican former presidential candidate and sometimes governor, Bobby Jindal.  Jindal, who first ran for office on a platform of competence but left state government with on a plate of ineptitude.

Not that Edwards had room for errors.  He never did.   The further dropping oil prices and the lack of revenue flow from the prior administration, torpedoed any chance to gain momentum.  Arguably too, making all worse, he misjudged the political winds flapping through the state and the legislative halls

The Democrat lawmaker has been charged with not only plugging a two-billion-dollar hole for next year budget but perhaps, more importantly, must halt the immediate bloodletting and hemorrhaging existing in this year’s treasury chest.  Not only must he remove the choking shackles of a decimated healthcare and higher education systems, but must do so in record time, four months.  On top of this, he must set the state on a permanent course of sound budgeting practices while embrace the assault of a $2.2 billion dollar low pressure system heading our way, ready for payment July 1.

Last week, after notifying the public that four fiscal world is bleak, he took the tube to make his case of severe and limited options.  In doing so, he warned us of the further bludgeoning of higher education and healthcare while calling for the added revenues.  However, he made the deadliest of sins.  He used the word taxes and threatened the sacred of all Louisiana cows--university football, LSU Tiger style.

He might as well have threatened the life of our firstborns.

Within moments of the utterance, he was called an ”extortionist.”  His political foes and others framed him “a traitor”.  Nick Saban and Paul Dietzel would find friendlier quarters.  How dare he threaten parents with the prospects that their prized past-time, LSU Tigers’ future be compromised.

Some in the traditional media and sure as shooting, the conservative blogs and social media exploded with exuberance.  

In doing so, some of them started promoting a recall petition.

Amazingly, over the course of eight years, they allowed their favorite son, Governor Bobby Jindal, with the help of his party enablers, demolish a 1.5 billion dollar surplus.  They saw him more often on national television than at the capitol.  They turned the other way when he refuse to pay for his own presidential entourage travels.  They applauded when he sent our federal dollars to other states. 

And yes, despite Jindal’s rape job, they never called for a recall.

They saw him create a healthcare system that now needs major surgery.  They scoffed at his fraudulent budgetary practices.  They ignored his pushing higher education to its knees.  They accepted  his   allegiance to Washington DC special interests rather than to his own constituents. 

Despite this, they never called for a recall.

Jindal did not threaten LSU football.

The truth is, nor has Jon Bel Edwards.

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