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Dems calls "Kennedy budget watchdog", a fraud, after recent office space revelations

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carbo kennedyIt comes as no surprise that the Louisiana Democratic Party would be elated over the recent claim that Treasurer John Kennedy, who has been dissing democrats and Jon Bel Edwards, in particular, this legislative sessiion could be caught up in a little inconvenience--a slight bit of inconsistency.

The Democratic Party has issued this statement after recent revelations that the Office of the Treasury has a contract of its own, now under administration scrutiny: 

John Kennedy, current Louisiana state treasurer and perennial failed candidate, was caught wasting nearly $300,000 of taxpayer money on unneeded office space. After wasting so much of the legislature’s time during the special session with his delusional insistence that the state of Louisiana can resolve the budget crisis on cuts alone, Kennedy has yet to come clean with regard to the fiscal irresponsibility rampant in his own office. Due to his stubbornness and short-sightedness, Louisiana taxpayers have lost out on nearly $300K in potential savings, every year going back to 2014.

Abusing his platform as treasurer during the special session to parrot empty talking points from his latest doomed run for senate, Kennedy has consistently failed to offer genuine leadership or honest answers. With this latest revelation, and Kennedy’s apparent inability to account for the wasted funds, it becomes clear that his flimsy reputation as a budget watchdog is a fraud.

“John Kennedy is a hypocrite who’s been blindly loosing state taxpayers staggering amounts of money at a time when we can least afford that kind of government waste,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “While Kennedy has been willing to let veterans’ services get cut and see our higher education and hospital systems suffer, he’s been wasting your hard-earned money on office space he doesn’t even need. In less dire times, it would be shocking. In the face of the crisis we’re in now, it’s ethically revolting.”


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