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Trump University tale: BBB, lies and videotapes

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trumpuDonald Trump, had a good night Tuesday night and appears to be on the road to a Republican candidacy unless, somehow, the earth opens and devours the American political process.

Yet, there are questions needing to be answered whether it be done before he is declared the nominee, or afterwards, related to Trump University. 

Questions regarding this little-known entity became political fodder during and especially after the most recent Fox News debate.


Allegations were made by Senator Marco Rubio that Trump U was a shyster operation, which Trump denied claiming it had an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

One of the moderators, Megan Kelly, of Fox News, queried Trump about that claimed, and stated there were no public records to that effect to support the Trump claim.

During the next commercial, Trump retrieved a Fax that he said came from BBB and then used it to support his own position.   Fox chose not to show it during the debate.

The next day, Friday, CBS News reported that the faxed document was not from the Better Business Bureau at all and that the Trump claim, that it had a current A rating was not correct.

On Monday, Trump then took to his own TV Internet on his own Youtube channel to post the video  argument that indeed, there are dishonest people trying to slur him, slapped Fox News for not being fair.  Trump further, once again, confirmed that the university did have an A rating.  In the same video response, Trump also outed the identities of two plaintiffs who made TV commercial appearances accusing the University of fraud.

On Tuesday, the day that Trump won Michigan and Mississippi and other primaries, the Better Business Bureau attempted to make the record clear.  It posted facts on its website, responded to questions to help clarify the dispute.  Numerous media outlets reported the details.

The facts reveal that Trump’s assertion that the fax came from the BBB is not correct and his further statements that the University had a current rating of an A, is false.

The BBB further explained that due to the complaints, the University BBB rating dropped to D-.  The Bureau also said that complaints are rolled over after three years and disappear from the rating process, so that in 2014, since no further complaints were lodged for that preceding three-year period, they were wiped off of the books, thus, enabling Trump University’s rating to improve to an A.

However, it also appears that during this time period, the University stopped operating which might explain the lack of continuing-negative complaints.

Ultimately, the BBB reports, the Trump U has ‘no rating”.

So, did Trump tell the nation the truth when he appeared on Fox News debate, last Thursday evening?  After CBS News revealed the fax was not from the BBB and that his claims of an A rating were not correct, why did he insist upon making a video, accusing others of dishonesty and further asserting his university had an A rating?

Why did the BBB go out of its way to detail facts about this controversy?

Below is my video that, hopefully, further provides information and opinion.

I do not believe Trump about his university, nor much about him.  For many reasons, I find him repugnant and harmful to America’s future.

I accept he most likely will prevail in his quest to be the Republican nominee and in my view, has a 50-50 chance of being our next President.

Those supporting him have their reasons and I accept them, although respectfully disagree. 

Trump often compares himself to Ronald Reagan.  There are some similarities especially in his being the new Teflon politician.  In Trump’s circumstance, I don’t believe that untruths, falsehoods nor deceptive practices will matter.

Which, to me, this is not a good sign.  It is also a total shame.  It’s certainly not a good way for any business or any nation, to be better.

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