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New Orleans Confederate monument issue had little impact on Landrieu's millage failure

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Much has been written about the impact of the confederate monument issue and the defeat of the recent New Orleans millage for police and firemen.
The argument goes like this—Mitch Landrieu is unpopular among whites in New Orleans especially due to his recent actions in trying to remove the confederate statues, such as Robert E. Lee, at Lee Circle.

As a result, whites were so angry, they would want to send him a message, kill the millage that he was so strongly supporting and promoting.
In fact, the millage did fail.  Ten percent of the voters turned out and those that did, let the city leaders know that increasing the property taxes in New Orleans was not going to work.
However, as the statistics bear out, the tax failed, not because of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis or Save our Monuments, but because of the unpopularity of increased taxes.
Mitch Landrieu is still very popular among New Orleans blacks and African Americans are more supportive of removing the confederate reminders, than not.  As mentioned, the issue has been a hotbed of anger among whites.  Yet, as the poll numbers show, the millage fared better in the white communities than in the African American population.
According to Dr. Ed Chervenak Ph.D, there is an interesting correlation, or lack of one between the millage vote and the statue issue.  He extrapolates this from the combination of the post-millage vote results and the recent 2016 Quality of Life survey, just released.

In a recent Bayoubuzz video interview, the UNO political scientist  noted that 50% of whites favored the millage passage, while only 38% of blacks supported the measures.  Landrieu enjoys a strong 60% favorable although that number has dipped by five percent over the past three years.  Among whites,  his popularity has decreased significantly, from a 78% to 49% over the three year term.  Among blacks, his favorable have grew from 60 to 68% over the same period.
However, in the same survey, there is a different story regarding the monuments.  Overall, in a city that is 58% African American, the removal issue measures 50 % in favor of removing and 31 percent against.  Among whites, a slight majority favor maintaining the edifices with 31% for removing them.    Within the black population, almost 60 percent want the monuments removed while half of that number want them to stay.
Thus, while Landrieu’s popularity has taken a hit among whites over the issue of confederate statues, it did not make an appearance in the millage vote within the white community.  Interestingly, the people who are most affected by crime, who would appear to want the police protection, did not vote that way.
Watch Chervenak explain his analysis in this short video.





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