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Move over Mitch Landrieu, plenty of confederates statues to remove

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What’s in a name?
    With all the hullabaloo taking place in the Big Easy over Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s support of removing Confederate monuments comes a revealing study from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
    The study found that there are at least 1,503 symbols of the Confederacy in public places across the country, mostly in the Deep South.
    In SPLC’s report, entitled “Whose Heritage?  Public Symbols of the Confederacy,” it notes that symbols that honor the Confederacy can be found on flags; city, county (parish) and school names; lakes, dams and other public works; and state holidays.

    The vast majority are in the 11 states that formed the Confederacy, but some are also found as far away as California and Massachusetts.
    The study identified:
    *718 monuments and statues, nearly 300 of which are in Georgia, Virginia or North Carolina;
    *109 public schools named for Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis or other Confederate icons;
    *80 counties and cities named for Confederates;
    *9 official Confederate holidays in six states; 
    *10 U.S. military bases named for Confederates.
    The movement to remove reminders of the Confederacy began on June 17, 2015 – just five days short of the 150th anniversary of the last shot of the Civil War.
    That day in June, a white supremacist killed nine African-American parishioners at the “Mother Emanuel” church in Charleston, a place of worship renowned for its place in civil rights history.
    As the nation recoiled in horror, photos showing  the gunman with the Confederate flag were discovered online. Almost immediately, political leaders across the South were besieged with calls to remove the flag and other Confederate symbols from public spaces.
    How about sports teams names and mascots?  That is another area of contention with many.  The study did not go into that aspect.
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Lou Gehrig Burnett

Lou Gehrig Burnett is the publisher of Fax-Net, a North-Louisiana newsletter.


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