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Monday, 09 May 2016 19:20

Building your personal online brand: Safwan Hak of explains why and how

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If you're like me, you’re probably all-profiled-out.

Like me, you probably have profiles on LinkedIn, Google Plus and on social media sites, your web page and throughout the web.

But, do these self-identifying and promotional webpages fully explain, not only whom you are but what you have done that makes you special?  

Just like large businesses and famous personalities, in some way, we all have our own brands. Some of our sites do it justice, others actually hurt the very labels and impressions we want to be associated with ourselves.  With so much of our content floating out about in cyberspace, how can anyone of us control the real identity, the real message about ourselves we want to share with others?

So, again, if you’re like me, you probably want to put your best face forward, and it’s probably not the one we put on Facebook. Which brings us to 

Two weeks ago, when I attended the Collision Conference in New Orleans, one of the exhibitions that I thought really stood out was  After discussing the site with the founder and top 9Sharper, Safwan Hak, I could see the beauty and simplicity of his operation.  We can fashionably create our profiles without knowing a stitch of code, uploading and automatically updating our albums, projects and blog posts and more.  We can construct our lives into the digital art that makes each and every one of us, a rare find.

And, if you have content gathering dust on various websites that you want to display, information on your blog and other social media, photo albums, youtube channels and playlists, 9Sharp can help you can you create your life’s calling card.

Who is using this web product? That was a question I asked Hak today, in our Bayou Buzz video interview.  It can be deployed by anybody and everybody around the globe, but is especially attractive to the hundreds of millions of people who are independent contractors, the growing population of work-at-homers but even professionals such as attorneys.  It is perfect for college students who want to distinguish themselves from all of the noise on campus worldwide.

Thus, you are seconds away from curating your best works in a clean format of which you can be proud.  You can control the way you want to be seen, and to be heard.

If you want your life to be “dressed to the nines” and look as “sharp” as possible and yes, automatically updated, watch the video discussion with Safwan Hak of, below. 

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