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Dancing with the Stars' deaf Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd spoke sounds of silence to its glory

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As we plod through the election campaign season, we read and hear so much anger and hate in this world, whether it is the television, talk radio, facebook or our daily coffee shop talking heads, friends and foes.
In many respects, that is a good thing.  It means that all of us care in one way, or another.

Last night, I took a Sabbatical from our evening political slugfests on Fox, CNN and MSNBC and tuned in again to my favorite show on Monday nights, Dancing with the Stars.
It was night one of the finals.
I have watched this season, as I have remain loyal to the others over the past six or seven years with tremendous interest, as a lover of ballroom dancing.
But, last night, was extra special.
As all of the finalists, a woman boxer, an ABC TV weather lady and a male model performed their respective two dances for the night--which they learned this past week, I witnessed beauty and grace, not of a dancer, per se, but of a human being finding his purpose and voice.
The male model Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd had just completed one of the most compelling performances I have ever witnessed.
Nyle hails from a family that goes back generations of the deaf.  All of his family is totally unable to hear.  Totally.
Week after week, I have watched him dance as delicately, yet as confidently as all of his competition.
Having spent a few years learning how to ballroom dance, I have trouble keeping up yet I can watch, hear and talk.  This man and Peta, his instructor and partner communicate through an aide.
DiMarco doesn’t speak.  He doesn’t verbally ask questions.  He doesn’t hear sounds.  He cannot distinguish the beats, if he can feel them at all.
Yet, he perseveres and he excels.  He proudly accepts criticism and you can tell he will do better, next time he has a chance to improve.
Last night, Nyle and Peta freestyled to the song Sounds of Silence.

Starting from the middle of the song, I started to tear.  Then, I cried inside with happiness.  So it seems, did all of the contestants, judges and MC’s and audience.  
I had seen beauty.  I had felt agony, song in music and dance, yet comforted by hope and honor.
As I posted on Facebook, Nyle cannot hear, but he speaks with his own inner silence.  
I don’t know if Nyle will win the crystal ball.  I will be rooting for him.  Not out of sympathy, but out of pure joy.  Not that he is inferior to the other remaining two contestants, because, I feel he is just as good, if not better, than the others.
In fact, he performs as well as they do.  Just as well.
The only difference?  They can hear the music, the notes, the intricacies of the song and dance.
Nyle cannot.
Please watch this incredible video and let us be thankful that we can find love, passion and appreciation for others--even during times of anger, hostility and contempt.
It is during these moments that we can sometimes hear the bellowing sounds of silence, if we try.
Those are the true moments of glory.

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