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North Louisiana lawmaker says Edwards can't be trusted, but guess what?

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Interesting that we are approaching another special session and one ultra-conservative Republican Alan Seabaugh is claiming that the current Governor John Bel Edwards cannot be believed.
Last night, Seabaugh said on Facebook:







Ok, so what exactly did Governor John Bel Edwards do for this lawmaker to slam him for what could be the guv’s alleged-180 degree turn-around?

Apparently, from the Facebook post, Seabaugh is upset that the legislature compromised upon competing budget approaches and as a result, the current legislative session is ending cuts to TOPS and to a hospital in North Louisiana, where this legislator hails?

By the way, Seabaugh is also outing Edwards but has no harsh words for his fellow republicans.  They control the legislature and helped raise taxes the last year and this spring in the last special session.  They also, along with Democrats have decided to end this session with TOPS being partly-funded and with a hospital at risk of being shuttered.

What Seabaugh seems to be saying is this—"Edwards said he would keep TOPS fully-funded and would keep the hospitals open, therefore, neither of these are being done, therefore, Edwards has no credibility".

However, what this lawmaker is not telling us is the now well-known fact that the budget worsened by a factor of two, during the months between the time that Edwards and Vitter campaigned and the period when Edwards and Jay Dardenne got to carefully look at the numbers.

The budget is a fast-moving target and actually, it actually might have just improved by 25% in a matter of weeks due to the rise in oil prices.  So, why should we not believe it tubed at a time that oil crashed by roughly 15 points  post-elections and prior to the time that Team Edwards could finally get  the Jindal books to see horrible budget mess in full glory?

Even the Chief Economist for the State of Louisiana did not know what the budget shortfall was going to be way back during the elections. 

But now Seabaugh and other Republicans are in the position where they must decide whether they want to keep TOPS half-funded and if they want to keep the hospital closed or, whether they want to raise revenues such as taxes or remove exemptions--which have ballooned.

I know it is way too easy to blame the governor and Seabaugh (and others) are doing a good job with this endeavor.  But, maybe Seabaugh, since he likewise was in the legislature could tell us exactly what he knew about the budget during the fall of 2015 and whether he knew more than the Chief Economist back then? 

Also, keep in mind, back in December of last year, our own State Treasurer said the budget short-fall was only one-half as bad of what the Governor only weeks later told the public--and boy was Kennedy off by a country mile.

Interestingly, Seabaugh, in responding to one of the Facebook friends, confirmed that he would like to cut the budget in half but “I would love to, but the Gov completely controls the Senate and has a working majority in the House despite Republican majorities in BOTH houses".

So, this legislator says he would like to cut the budget down to 13 billion dollars but John Bel Edwards won’t let them do so?

Whoa!! Seabaugh complains about TOPS being half funded and one of his region's hospital's  being closed but, imagine what would be cut in his district if he had to cut everything by half?  

Oh, but according to Seabaugh, the Governor can’t be believed and must be blamed. 

Which statements are truly bizarre.  Again, the Republicans control both houses yet, the focus is upon Edwards having control? Shouldn’t Seabaugh be blasting his fellow republicans for caving into Edwards?  Instead, he only blames the governor. It's what I call covering thy butt for TOPS and a hospital in jeopardy and only taxes being raised to save the sinking ship.  

Still let us assume that as his Seabaugh and Edwards' opponents are want to believe, that Governor Edwards actually knew back when he was campaigning that the budget hole was as bad as it turned out to be.  Let us further assume that as the GOP rumors go--that JBE made promises about TOPS, taxes and hospitals and that those commitments were inconsistent with the governor’s actual knowledge.   Thus, with these assumptions, it's a piece of cake to tell Facebook friends now that TOPS and a hospital in the area are on the block--that the governor should never be believed about anything.

Well, let’s take his comments to the national elections.  His party’s presidential candidate made statements after statements at rallies, television appearances ad nauseum, promising all of us that he was a different candidate because he was not going to take a dime from anyone, that he would be self-funding his own campaign.


Boy, did that change hours after he became the presumptive nominee.  Now, Trump, who during the primary, called everyone "liars, crooks, dishonest, bought and paid for because they were taking campaign contributions and he supposedly was not doing so, has his hand open wide.  Now, the billionaire, who could self-fund is taking money from the lobbyists, the "bribers" and those who want political favors.   

So, surely Trump has clearly either lied or has broken the promise of the century yet, is Seabaugh (and his followers who are blasting Edwards) and so many of other republicans going to say “Nothing that he says can be trusted or should EVER be believed”?  

I seriously doubt it.


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