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Nothing confederate about Politics with a Punch humor, discussions tonight

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Verbal sparks might be flying tonight, so much that Robert E. Lee, Gen. Beauregard and Jefferson David might want to get down from their cement perches, and sue for peace.

Tonight, the issue at Politics with the Punch will surely be confederate monments, at the minimum.  On the panel are Pierre McGraw, Founder and President, Monumental Task Committee, Hon. Troy Carter, Louisiana State Senator, 7th District (D-New Orleans) and one of the men at the middle of the debate, Councilman Jason Williams, who received national attention for his speech and position favoring the removal of the Statues, a controversy that shocked the community.

Then, not all will be serious either, as Carter and Williams, two men being considered to replace Mitch Landrieu as Mayor will likely exchange jabs and laughs along with Mr. Economic Development, that man with a quick wit, Michael Hecht, of GNO Inc.

So, for this fund and excitement, head over to The Eiffel Society tonight June 9, as the June edition of Politics with a Punch 2016 begins the summer’s fireworks amid the rattle of politics and the laughter of comedy.
Heading our political showcase panel are:

Jason Williams, New Orleans City Councilman

Hon. Troy Carter, Louisiana State Senator, 7th District (D-New Orleans)

James Cusimano, Outstanding Comedian; Local Headliner; Punch Favorite

Michael Hecht, President & CEO, Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Maureen "Mo" McConnell, Actress, Talk Show Host, & Producer

Pierre McGraw, Founder and President, Monumental Task Committee

Dr. Jeffrey Rouse, Orleans Parish Coroner

Mike Weinberger, Founder and President, Home Defense Foundation 

For those few, not familiar with Politics with a Punch, it is our local version of "Politically Incorrect." It started in 2002 and after more than 100 shows and 14 years, it has become a local political tradition. The show is jointly produced with Jeff Crouere who serves as the host and MC.

When Punch gets going, no issue is off the table.  I call it “funnier than laughing gas”

Politics with a Punch is held at the spectacular Eiffel Society at 2040 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans.

Doors open at 6PM.  You can purchase drinks and order dinner, which we are pleased to say is delicious, indeed.  Come schmooze and get a good seat.  The show starts at roughly 8PM.

Discount Tickets: $15.00 per person/$25.00 per couple.
If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, purchase tickets in advance on-line at our website:
Tickets at the door will be $20 per person/$35.00 per couple.For more information, call Jeff Crouere at #504-669-6076.

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