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Couvillon talks NFL-Prez. Schedule flap and Trump, Clinton debate risks

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Trump fox 0Does Donald Trump have a legitimate complaint regarding the Presidential debate-NFL schedule conflicts?  Did he get any mileage from raising the issue?  What are some of the risks for both candidates as they approach the season of the debates?

These were some of the issues discussed when Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky interviewed John Couvillon in a recent Facebook Live video discussion, on Monday.

(Watch the video and closed captioned transcript.  If the transcript does not play when you start the video, simply click on the CC button)

Here is a summary of the discussion and responses:

Regarding the debate schedule and Clinton’s alleged hesitance to debate:

There's never going to be a quiet moment when it comes to Donald Trump.  He’s going to push the envelope.  One theory out there is that he doesn't really want to debate and he's using the NFL schedules conflict to get out of it.  If it looks like you're afraid to debate that is something that does hurt your standing with voters like when Chicken George  followed President George H. W. Bush around for his alleged refusing to debate and finally got so bad that he relented and debated.  Trump needs to obe very careful about making it look like he doesn't want to

Regarding candidates talking policy and other risks:

Summary of Couvillon’s response

Besides the policy differences of the two candidates, there is an additional variable to consider too and that is if you're debating a woman the rules are different because the savagery with which Donald Trump went after Marco Rubio Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz etc, in the Republican primary--he absolutely cannot do that and debate against Hillary Clinton, as it will engender sympathy for Hillary Clinton.   Trump might want to  make Clinton look exasperated and saying “what difference does it make?” but Clinton is a seasoned candidate and their respective demeanors are important.

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