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August of Louisiana US Senate Race: Endorsements, polls, $ and hate tweets

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maness siteMaybe, it’s just me.

The US Senate race is in the month of August and compared to last year’s gubernatorial race, even with the addition of a number of candidates who have qualified (count them 24), one might wonder, does anybody care?  You remember last year’s politics;  Jay Dardenne, John Bel Edwards, Scott Angelle, David Vitter looking to replace Bobby Jindal.  That seemed to be somewhat of a humdinger, even during early August. 

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Even early August of two years ago, the last time we held a race for US Senate, every day, there seemed to be another story, outburst, poll, controversy, scandal, whatever.  You probably recall that election too—Mary Landrieu vs. Bill Cassidy vs. Rob Maness. 

Cassidy, a Republican, went on to snip Landrieu in the runoff.  Maness, an unknown at the time, had a respectable outing during the general election.

If there is any one string that ties the current campaign for US Senate, the gubernatorial race and the 2014 Senate election, it is John Kennedy and Team Vitter.

You might also remember that Kennedy was a firm supporter of Cassidy, Team Vitter basically ran the Cassidy campaign and now, Kennedy who was one of the most loyal and vocal supporters of the failing David Vitter gubernatorial candidacy, now has an integral member of Team Vitter running a Super PAC that benefits Kennedy.

According to LaPolitics, “the senior senator’s top political aide has been hired by a Florida-based super PAC supporting Treasurer John Kennedy’s bid.Kyle Ruckert, Vitter’s former chief of staff and campaign manager, will be leading up the Louisiana arm of ESAFund’s efforts. Kennedy has transferred $2 million from his state campaign account.”

You read it.

Until the recent past, the state campaign and federal campaign funds were mutually exclusive.  Technically speaking, I suppose you can say they are separate.

Except for the fact that David Vitter, who no longer is running for office, challenged this separation and sent money from his federal campaign funds to his gubernatorial Super Pac, which then ran a separate campaign (supposedly) to help his governor’s race.

Now, Kennedy, who is flush with state campaign funds, which he cannot use for his US Senate run, but, just like the man he is trying to replace, Vitter, is seizing the Super Pac opportunities, sending a substantial amount into the US Senate race coffers.

Which also raises the question of whether David Vitter will be endorsing Kennedy since they have a close recent relationship and at least one of his primary team members is indirectly involved in the Kennedy candidacy.

Unless that has been done already under covers, my best guess is--you can take a Vitter endorsement of Kennedy to the campaign bank.

But, I’ve been wrong before, I think.


The endorsement game is building which will make the campaign more exciting.  Let’s see who’s backing whom:

Ex-Governor Buddy Roemer is supporting his former administration counsel, Kennedy.  So is ex-Governor Mike Foster.  The Jefferson Republicans have backed Congressman Charles Boustany. The AFL-CIO has thrown its support for Foster Campbell, a Democrat.  Rob Maness has picked up the backings of former Presidential candidates, former Texas Governor Rich Perry, Ben Carson and US Senator, Rand Paul.


The Maness campaign is sporting a new poll that it is touting his competitiveness. The poll was paid for by one of his major supporters, William “Bo” Reily of New Orleans.  It was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research.  According to the poll, that is described as “Independent” by the Maness campaign, it places the Army Colonel in second place, behind Kennedy.  


WOW!! Can you believe it?  I got this far in the article without even mentioning David Duke. 

Well, yesterday, I posted on twitter part of an interview with UNO Professor Ed Chervenak who has measured Duke support finding it, hardly with a pulse.

Apparently, one of Duke's loyalists didn't like it and said something nasty on twitter, reminding me of my heritage.  I'm somewhat used to these guys.  They swarm the Internet,  Often, when one questions the candidacy of Donald Trump, they come out of the wood work, zap you with a vile twitter response, reminding you that your relatives were gassed, back in the good 'ol days of Nazy Germany.

Trump supposedly has distanced himself from these hordes of haters, although, I personally question his sincerity.  Many of you will disagree.  However, yesterday, this was not about Trump at all.  It was a response to a rather innocuous post recording the interview of a college professor.

I looked at the twitter handle, checked out his recent tweets and decided to share them with you via video.  

Have fun. 


The US Senate race just might get hotter after all.



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