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Boustany hit on Kennedy misses, Duke brigade on twitter

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boustanyA stretch.

That’s what Congressman Charles Boustany is doing by claiming that Treasurer John Kennedy, leader in the U.S. Senate race, is advocating increase in taxes for horizontal drilling.

Not that Kennedy is free from his own stretching the truth.  Over the past eight months or so, as he has traveled the state to do media interviews, many of his statements have been anything but accurate.

But, in fairness, Boustany’s hit, is, just that, a hit.

From the AP:

Boustany's campaign has been hammering Kennedy in the last few days, accusing the treasurer of supporting a $1 billion tax hike on the oil and gas industry, one of Louisiana's largest business sectors.

The Lafayette congressman cites a wide-ranging report from the legislative auditor that identified inefficiencies in state government. Kennedy forwarded the report to Gov. John Bel Edwards in February, suggesting it could help shrink state spending. Among the items in the report is an estimate that Louisiana lost more than $1 billion in taxes through a tax break for horizontal drilling of oil and gas wells.

The Boustany campaign says that amounts to Kennedy "advocating a $1.1 billion tax hike on the oil & gas industry at a time when working families in the energy industry are being laid off across the state of Louisiana."

The treasurer said he's never supported doing away with the horizontal drilling tax break and just because he forwarded the report doesn't mean he endorsed every item contained in its pages. Kennedy said anybody who's followed his political talking points for years knows he's repeatedly urged lawmakers and the governor to cut spending, not to raise taxes.

Duke and Twitter

Anybody roaming the twitter halls lately looking for anything remotely related to the Louisiana U.S. Senate race, will come across the latest batch of racist, anti-semetic rants, courtesy of David Duke’s presence in the race.  The same tweets are generally also favoring the election of Donald Trump. 

Duke has a following and many of them are also Trump fans.  Still, the comments made, slamming blacks, Hispanics, Indians and Jewish people are sickening and cowardly.


Yes.  The tweets are almost always posted in anonymity since twitter allows users to create unidentified accounts.  

The posters are slamming the likes of Colonel Rob Maness for his taking on Duke and others.  It is also claiming an organization called Jews against Duke with a button to donate.  However, the twitter handle posts nothing but pro-Duke materials.  Beware.


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