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Post-Trump, GOP landslides, Obama-Clinton Democrats stay stuck on stupid with Ellison, Recount

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obama hillaryIn the aftermath of another devastating electoral loss, the Democrat Party has not learned their lessons very well. Today, Americans are hearing reports that radical Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) is the favorite to be the next Chairman of the DNC and Hillary Clinton is contemplating a third presidential run in 2020. This could be why her lawyers are participating in the Wisconsin recount effort. Republicans should be delighted at the news that a two time loser who has failed at every job she has ever held would be itching to run for President again in four years

Instead of Hillary making another run, Democrats need to figure out why they keep losing elections. Since 2010, Democrats have lost three national elections, with their only victory coming in 2012 when President Obama was re-elected. 

Democrats are now in the minority in both the House and Senate and will almost certainly lose the Senate runoff in Louisiana, giving them only 48 seats in the upper body. This was the year that Democrats were supposed to make huge inroads in the Senate since Republicans were defending 24 of 34 seats. Instead they will gain a mere two seats. On the House side, the Republicans will control approximately 241 seats, a strong majority once again. 

Democrats have also suffered greatly at the state level with only 18 Governors and control of only 13 state legislatures.   

In fact, the Democrat Party of 2016 is a minority party with power bases on both coasts and in major cities. In between, the country is a sea of red as exemplified by the Trump presidential victory. He won 306 electoral votes in 31 states, whereas Hillary Clinton only won 232 electoral votes in 19 states. 

Democrats will maintain that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with a margin of 2.1 million votes, but that number will not win the presidency. In 2000, Al Gore also won the popular vote and lost the presidential election. In fact, this is the fifth time in U.S. history that a President has been elected while losing the popular vote.

 Democrats can continue to focus on the “popular vote victory” and a recount effort, but a better use of time would be to investigate what has happened to a party that a mere 8 years ago wielded tremendous influence throughout the country. 

Maybe sensible Democrats will realize that the Obama presidency has harmed their party tremendously, leading to losses throughout the country. His agenda has been rejected by the American people who do not like his policies such as Obamacare, higher taxes, more regulation, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

 As President, Trump will pursue policies that will turn back many of these Obama initiatives and they will be popular. This will only increase the troubles for the Democrat Party moving forward.

 Democrats are no longer the party of the working class, but the party of illegal aliens and special interests. In this election, Trump was able to capture Rust Belt states that had not voted for the GOP in a generation or more. Of course, he will need to deliver for the working class voters who entrusted him with the White House; however, assuming he is successful, the Democrats may be in the political wilderness for many years to come.   


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