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Donald Trump has a serious Russian credibility problem, must lead not fight hacking investigation

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Today, Donald Trump engaged in another tweet apparently slamming the CIA and others in relationship to the agency’s  belief that Russia favored the Trump campaign and acted on that favoritism by hacking the Clinton campaign and the DNC.  Trump has responded to the allegationsmcconnell that the Russians were not involved in hacking.  However, that is not the issue and it appears that Trump is playing defense, fearful that the allegation, if proven, could delegitimize his victory which has already been somewhat eroded by some who believe he was soundly beaten in the popular vote.

It is clear that the FBI does not agree with the CIA.  From reports, the FBI finds no conclusive evidence that Russia favored Trump over Clinton.  However, the FBI apparently joins the CIA and other federal agencies in support of the proposition that the Russians hacked. 

To be clear, even if all agencies conclude that Russia favored Trump, it would only be speculation that the hacking influenced the election to the extent that Clinton would have won.  Also, it would only be speculation that Trump campaign had anything to do with the hacking.

Relitigating the elections is not the issue.  Finding out what occurred and why, who was responsible and preventing this from occurring again, is the overriding consideration.

Sadly, because of his own actions, both during the elections and during the transition, some are beginning to question Trump’s motives behind his decisions such as his recent pick of the Exxon Mobile top executive, Rex Tillerson.  Tillerson has very close ties to the Russians and Vladimir Putin and reportedly is on record opposing the sanctions against Russia for their Ukraine activities.

Meanwhile today, the Russia Kremlin has released a statement in support of Tillerson.  That Kremlin act is astounding considering the concerns of foreign interference.

The facts are fast unfolding.

It is my position that should Trump not put down his strange allegiance to Russia and if he does not get in front of and lead the investigation that is now supported by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and other ranking Senators, his administration will begin to corrode from both within and externally.

Above is a video I created that expresses my opinion and my concerns on the issue.


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