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Comey's Russia testimony was bad omen for Trump

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watergateEven the Russians are talking about the impeachment of Donald Trump. The L.A. Times reported on Monday, March 20, 2017, “Sergei Markov, a Moscow-based political analyst and a former lawmaker with the ruling United Russia party, claimed the hearings into Russian meddling in the 2016 election are ‘related to an attempt to impeach Trump.’”

The inevitable bad news about Trump is coming as sure as the Vikings were going to pillage Irish seaside villages before red hair. Director James Comey confirmed as much, today, when he announced an investigation, including assessments of criminality, into the Trump campaign and its red-leaning associates. It’s going to take time to ferret this out because there are more Russian connections in the Trump hierarchy than the Mississippi has tributaries but the flood is coming. Someone should start building an ark at Mar-a-Lago.

The White House keeps saying there isn’t any proof that Russian meddling, actually, helped the President win the election. That’s like saying the guy who shot at his neighbor gets a pass because he missed. The party of Honest Abe is holding its breath while a lengthy investigation, begun last July, progresses like an old circus elephant kicking up sawdust in the ring. The sign-up sheet for immunity in return for state’s evidence has just been posted.

Things are so bad at the White House that Ivanka Trump is moving in to be near her father. Right, or not, to criticize her when adding up the financial conflicts attached to the President and his kin, no one calms Trump more than his eldest daughter and Trump needs to chill long enough to start conferring with his lawyers. Allegations about White House treason are not locker room banter, hyper-hyped speech designed to sway the unwary, or bragging about personal greatness. They are foundational.

The Pledge of Allegiance is the most basic credo of the American people. It is our Baltimore catechism, something everyone can understand. The words “Under God” mean something to those who recite the pledge even if they’re deity unbelievers. The Republic doesn’t mean a set of geographical boundaries; it means a shared national character that was birthed in Ancient Greece.

It is our most basic right to be free and we are not free when others select our leaders. If Congress, or Justice, determines that actors in the Trump presidential campaign, or Trump, himself, colluded with an enemy to gain him power it’d be on par with Aaron Burr switching sides.

Coordination between Russia and a U.S. presidential candidate, or his campaign, is high treason and cause for impeachment. The Russians are good chess players and maybe their goal was to win, to lose, to disrupt, and, in the process, “freak out the American people,” as James Comey speculated today. It’s coming, soon enough, but the old defense of “I didn’t know about it,” doesn’t work for the person who sits behind a desk with a sign that reads; “The Buck Stops Here.”  A billionaire understands that.

Still, this confluence of bad news for the President may be entirely coincidental. Ignore that a number of Russian cyber experts have been purged recently. Some of these, however, may be the same people described in the investigative report, written by an ex-British spy, that detailed massive alleged cooperation within the Trump campaign and Russia. The activities it describes, if even partially true, would leave Congress with no choice other than to remove the President.

The Kremlin wanted the Crimea for its energy resources and Donald Trump wanted to succeed a man he loathed as President. The seizure of the Crimea gave Putin control over maritime resources three times the size of the Crimea, itself, but it was not without a cost. Reversal of sanctions imposed on Russia for the land grab, however, would validate the theft and allow Russia the unquestioned ability to tap resources that are, potentially, worth a trillion dollars.

Trump may still be proven correct, however, about the bugging. If, indeed, he was surveilled the Russians can’t be ruled out as suspects. They’d have good reason to keep tabs on him. It’s not entirely implausible, either, that Ivanka’s most important job in the White House will be to get her father to resign.


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