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Why won't Trump talk about his Comey conversation?

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comey trump2 5What is Donald Trump hiding and why is he hiding it?

In yesterday’s shocking and controversial firing papers of FBI Director James Comey, Trump cited his gratefulness that Comey told him thrice that he was not under investigation.

Right in the smack center of a “your’re fired” letter, Trump essentially said, “Hey, Jim.  Thanks for claiming you are not going after me on this Russian deal, sorry, I don’t have any confidence in you any more.”

Yet, Trump and his surrogates claim the ‘ol heave-ho has absolutely zilch to do with the famed Russia inquiry into his campaign pals and presumably him.


If no Russian connection, then why put such language in a Dear James letter, especially one you know is going public?

After all, those Inquiring and “evil” Fake News minds would be itching to know who said what and when about whether the most powerful man in the world would be under criminal scrutiny.  So, with much of the world’s media prying in today, back-up press secretary Sarah Huckabee discussed the facts openly.

Openly, like, “sorry folks, we’re not talking about it”.

But, wasn’t Trump the one who brought up the issue in firing letter, in the first place?

Or, in other words, you know for certain those Fake News guys and others are going to ask, “You’re not going to discuss the facts of conversations with the Prez and the FBI chief?  Why not?”

So, what goes?  Why is Sarah mute on the matter of the details about the Comey-Trump, you’re vindicated communications the President alluded to?

Well, might it be that any discussion between a boss and an underling involving possible prosecution of the boss is, well, somewhat of a uncomfortable topic?  I mean, how do you talk about these things, anyway?

Imagine Trump and Comey settings as they sit, sipping Trump bottled Water, as they schmooze in the  Oval Office:

SCENE 1: Trump says, Hey, Jim, you need anything from me, like manpower and by the way, am I under investigation?


SCENE 2: Mr. “President, I’ve got to discuss with you some improper thug behavior in Chicago. 

Thanks Jim.  And, how’s that Russia investigation going?  Any new information on that nut Carter Page? 

No, sir, I can’t discuss, but, you’re in the clear”



“Jim, I tell you what, I can’t trust that SOB committee chairman.  Next pot shot he takes of me, his head will roll.  Oh, by the way, how’s that little investigation going?  Am I cleared yet?”

Get the picture?

There’s a reason that Trump put those nuggets into that letter yesterday and there’s a reason Huckabee wouldn’t discuss it, and didn’t.

For one, some just might begin to wonder if there might be allegations of intimidation

Like the kind of intimidation that a public investigator might feel when confronted by the most powerful man in the world, who happens to be his own boss?

Or, you know, like the kind of intimidation Trump supporters bragged about when he bombed Syria and Afghanistan to send a message to North Korea?

One step out of place and you’re toast.  That kind of intimidation that one might feel when talking to the president in the West Wing or when taking on a future task, such as, investigating the President’s campaign friends?

You think the next FBI dude taking over for Jim is going to feel at home, secure in his job, free to pursue leads wherever they might exist? 

Sure,  Sarah. Now, tell us why you won’t talk about those three Trump-Comey conversations? 


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