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Lamar White Jr. discusses Confederate monument controversies in New Orleans and in Louisiana

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The past few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster ride for many in Louisiana and particularly those living in the New Orleans area.  Confederate monuments have been removed, courtesy of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu and the city council.

Extremists from both sides of the political spectrum have converged upon the city.  Confederate flags have been waved.  Men wearing hoods covering their identities have been worn to remove the statues. New Black Panthers and other leftist extremists have entered the scene.

The Civil War fought over 150 years ago (and its reminders) have become a major political and social issue dividing the community.

Under that backdrop, one day after the last monument, Robert E. Lee, was removed from its position above Lee Circle, a symbol representing the City itself, I discussed the controversy with Lamar White Jr., a popular progressive blogger from Central Louisiana.

White has broken some of the most controversial news articles in recent years, ranging from Steve Scalise speaking at an extremist group meeting, to revelations involving David Vitter to the controversy surrounding candidate and now-US Senator Bill Cassidy.

Here are two short statements from the interview.

"I understand that some colleges and universities that have been approached.. they belong someplace like the Smithsonian or maybe a newly formed Museum in Louisiana that's specifically about the Civil War.  We don't actually have one of those in that that would be a great learning experience for a destination for schoolchildren."

"You have two very different opposing sides in views of what the history there actually was I mean the people that are defending Robert E Lee and in Jefferson Davis believe really believe that the Civil War was not fought over slavery.  They are convinced it was fought over states rights , which of course makes no sense, because these states formed own Confederacy which was a Union." 

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