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Despite 5th plea, Schiff says House Intelligence Committee pursues Flynn's documents

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flynn2Despite General Michael Flynn’s announcement via his counsel that the General and former head of National Security, would take the 5th Amendment in Congressional proceedings, the Intelligence Committee will pursue information, regardless.

Rep. Adam Schiff, second in command in the House Intelligence Committee and top Democrat has stated that the subpoenas will go out this week.


A legal challenge might follow as to whether the 5th Amendment would protect the divulging of documents in this proceeding. Also, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, has complained that the Department of Treasury has moved slowly on releasing related documents from the White House.   While the investigation is very early and while all interested parties have expressed the desire that the investigation would be completed expeditiously, legal delays might clog the system.


Flynn has become a target in the investigation. He has had numerous contacts with Russian interest both before and after the election, prior to his being fired.  According to Reuters, “Michael Flynn and other advisers to Donald Trump’s campaign were in contact with Russian officials and others with Kremlin ties in at least 18 calls and emails during the last seven months of the 2016 presidential race, current and former U.S. officials familiar with the exchanges told Reuters”.

Putting Flynn in serious legal jeopardy could “put the squeeze” on other members of the Trump team.  Already, Flynn has requested immunity in exchange for information.





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