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Sunday, 28 May 2017 15:37

White House's Jared and Ivanka dolls downgraded after Russian Embassy allegations?

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jared ivankaThe words, “scandal,” “obstruction,” and “cover-up” are starting to be replaced on news shows with other nouns – “treason,” “espionage, and “spies.” If applicable, the Daily Worker party, in three generations, will have left the rag-taggle streets of New York, and labor’s smoky halls, to infiltrate the very pinnacle of our government where Ferragamo shoes far outnumber work boots.

Camelot the revival took a major blow when The Washington Post revealed that Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was caught trying to set up a private switchboard to Moscow at the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. From the “Most Interesting Man in the World,” Kushner may be headed towards being the “Most Wanted,” depending on whose secrets, if any, were on Kremlin shopping lists. It’s time to pray that Kushner was just trying to please the President, on his own initiative, and not at Trump’s direction if, and when, he did anything wrong.

Jared Kushner had it all. Who could’ve ask for more? His billions in holdings, once, included the world’s most expensive, luxe, office building located at 666 Fifth Avenue, where he and his young family lived. He is married to the President’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, an already legendary American beauty who’s so charming, glib, and funny that Saturday Night Live had to hire no one less than Scarlett Johansson to spoof her. Jared and Ivanka are, also, parents of two beautiful and well behaved children who make England’s boy-Prince George, and baby sis, Charlotte, look like spoiled little brats.

The walls in the elegant Washington mansion of Washington’s hottest power couple, since Jack and Jackie, are hung with millions of dollars worth of seminal modern art that’s sure to surge in value, not least of all because of who owns it. There were going to be statues of Jared after he served eight years as President, right after Donald was term-limited out. He was a young man preordained for greatness until, mythically, a misapprehension of strength annulled his heroics.

The strange machinations of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, however, may explained why Vladimir Putin is so smug and jovial about this American tragedy of leadership. Though she walks the Halls of the White House, and any fashionable street of the world, at will, Russia has taken America’s favorite First Daughter hostage through the offices of her husband. 

The war scrum being assembled in the Lincoln Bedroom to thwart investigators from getting too close to the President, now, must push back for Donald and Jared who, ironically, was slated to have been the team’s co-captain. The dangers inherent in defensive moves in these types of cases can’t be underestimated. They are as subtle as they are palpable and exist in a stasis in which the line between evasion and protection is an exceedingly fine one. Errors can have severe consequences. Notwithstanding all, the great risk to the President and his family is nothing compared to the risk of harm to our nation’s security.

If Russian spies are nested throughout the government, already, like painted, wooden, stacking dolls, it may take a generation, or more, to root them all out.  will require considerable talent, treasure, and abiding patriotism, from both parties, to rectify the security breaches, potentially, wrought by this administration. Should Kushner’s attempts to use Moscow’s signet capabilities be proven to have been done maliciously he will go down in history for reasons none could’ve ever imagined just months ago.