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Governor Edwards upset Carter's minimum wage bill failed in Louisiana Senate committee

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troy carter2by Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

No minimum wage hike

    The Louisiana Senate Finance Committee, by a  7-3 vote, voted down Sen. Troy Carter’s bill, which would have raised the minimum wage to $8 in 2018 and to $8.50 in 2019.
    The bill would have also required the state minimum wage to be raised to match any increase to the federal minimum wage should it be raised above the state minimum.

    Louisiana does not have a state minimum wage and mirrors the federal minimum wage at $7.25 an hour.  
    The Senate’s most recent rejection means Louisiana remains one of the five states without a state minimum wage law on the books and one of the 21 states that have not adopted state minimum wage requirement above the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour, which was last raised in 2009.
    Gov, John Bel Edwards committed to addressing this issue when he ran for governor.  He stated following the vote:
    “In 2016, $7.25 is not a living wage.  It has been more than a decade since Louisianans living on minimum wage saw an increase in their pay.  That’s unacceptable, and I am disappointed that legislators on this committee did nt see fit to give these hardworking Louisianans a modest increase in their pay.
    “We talk a lot about family values in Louisiana, but when the legislature had the opportunity to actively support raising the minimum wage, it failed.  An overwhelming number of people in Louisiana support raising the minimum wage, and we will continue to work to lift them up until the legislature agrees.”
    Forty percent of Louisiana working families do not earn enough to cover basic monthly expenses, surveys show.


Lou Gehrig Burnett

Lou Gehrig Burnett is the publisher of Fax-Net, a North-Louisiana newsletter.


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