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Sessions, Team Trump engage in cover-up of facts plays games with truth

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sessions wydenIf these most recent witnesses who testified to the US Senate Intelligence Committee were questioned during Watergate, Richard Nixon might still be President of the United States.  Chances are, he certainly would not have been impeached.

Remember John Dean?  He was the President House counsel who spilled the beans about that White House cancer and end up spending time in jail after doing so.  By comparison, last week, Admiral Mike Rogers, former Republican Senator Dan Coates refused to provide any information to the public involving any conversation they might have had with President Donald Trump.

Meantime, the Republican Party fundraises claiming the saga is a witch hunt.

Where does this leave America? The President can do whatever he or she wants to do, not declare executive privilege about any wrongdoing and Congress is basically handless, toothless and spineless to do anything about it.

Without invoking executive privilege, today Sessions refused to answer questions, impeded the investigation, and basically said that the President has the right to determine after the hearing whether he wants to invoke executive privilege.  Yet, you can bet, the White House will not respond to any of the unanswered but will engage in a propaganda push. Just watch.  The President and surrogates will tweet that Sessions proved there is nothing there.  The end result? If nothing is discovered during a fair and open public hearing, it will only be due to the games Trump and company are playing with the constitution. 

This is not a democracy. This is a dictatorship. This is a government cover-up of the worst type.

All of us should be ashamed.

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