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Friday, 16 June 2017 12:41

The Day of Trump reckoning is coming

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trump campaignBig surprise! Donald Trump is under investigation, reportedly, for criminal obstruction of justice. The President has fired a bunch of people and is still doing cartwheels to avoid his Russia problem. Trump’s efforts, however dogged, are in vain because Special Counsel Robert Mueller has put the President in a position where Trump just might consider placing an ad in the help wanted pages.

Mueller’s investigation isn’t fake, a witch-hunt, or a plot to stage a bloodless coup, no matter what Potus says. The evidence, much of it from Trump’s own mouth, continues to mount and the White House staff, allegedly, is looking for portholes from which to jump ship. It’s axiomatic, but bears repeating, that voters can support the President’s policies without supporting the man. Trump is not the message and the sooner he exits the stage the more likely the conservative agenda is to succeed should the people back it.

Governing by executive order, which is by fiat, isn’t governing at all. Televising the cabinet in a set piece round robin designed to see which secretary can be the biggest sycophant is not leading. Calling opponents liars is not conducive to debate. Neither is making false promises and exaggerating accomplishments. Trump has stifled the national conversation about important topics with his unprofessional conduct and, seemingly, unabated need to profit from the presidency while he pits citizen against citizen.

Health care deserves a robust discussion, not a secret markup designed to ram legislation through Congress so that Trump can put an early notch in his belt. Immigration, as national policy, has always been apportioned and should be discussed, intelligently, without religious bias, as should our responsibility to people displaced by wars we’ve participated in directly, or by proxy.

Import and export duties, i.e. trade, has been the subject of controversy since the Boston Tea Party. A bull market helps working men and women who rely on pension plan earnings for security in their old age. This doesn’t mean banks should be allowed to speculate with depositor funds. There isn’t a soul who doesn’t think taxes aren’t too high but the answer isn’t a high, medium, and low index that assumes unrealistic growth. Re-training of workers displaced by automation is, also, ready for serious consideration, above and beyond an apprenticeship program with no specifics.

America needs to re-think race relations and crime and punishment but withholding funds from cities and states that don’t agree with the federal government won’t teach them to obey. Meanness, prohibition, and retribution can never substitute for the benefits of a collective will. A fractured electorate, in which moderation is a dirty word, cannot succeed as we’re seeing. A retreat from our allies, in favor of a traditional enemy, doesn’t make sense and makes friendly nations nervous. Most people don’t want to have someone who punched them in the nose over for dinner.

The military can always use more money but throwing dollars at it without knowing what it’s buying isn’t wise. The extent to which a president can declare war outside of Congress has been a serious issue since the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the Bay of Pigs. The public needs a voice in these decisions, through its representatives, before America engages in fights started by any president, alone, fights that can last decades at the cost of life and treasure.

Americans want to talk about these, and other issues, without the specter of scandal, secrecy, and unilateralism hanging over the executive the way it does now. The only way this discourse can happen is if Trump resigns to save America another “long national nightmare,” as Gerald Ford put it when he pardoned Richard Nixon for obstructing justice. Citizens, despite their differences, should not hate one another but, instead, work together for the common good. It grows clearer, daily, that this aspirational goal cannot take place while Trump remains in office

In March 2017, Vladimir Putin told RT News,  Russian outlet, that those who pursue the Russia story don’t understand what they’re doing to America and are “stupid.” He added that those who fully understand what’s going on (but do nothing) are “corrupt.” Draw your own conclusion but we have a choice coming fast and, hopefully, it’ll be exercised with prudence and respect.