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Trump thumps naysayers with solid economic, job growth news

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trump cabinetToday, the federal government announced another positive economic report. Last month, 222,000 jobs were created, much better than economic forecasts. This year, the country is averaging 180,000 new jobs each month, much better than the average during the Obama years. 

The unemployment rate held steady at a remarkable 4.4%. Wage growth edged upward 2.5% annually with the average work week increasing to 34.5 hours. Last month, there are 160.1 million Americans in the labor force, an increase of 361,000 from the May report. 
In June, the labor force participation rate improved to 62.8%. Currently, there are 94.8 million Americans  outside of the workforce, a decrease of 170,000 from last month. 
While these job numbers are impressive, it will take time for the Trump economic plan to take full effect. First the GOP needs to pass a healthcare plan that will cut taxes and remove the individual mandate. Then, a tax cut plan needs to be passed that will provide relief to millions of Americans and give businesses an incentive to grow their operations in our country. Cutting the top corporate tax rate will also lure companies that have left the country back to the United States. As the President rebuilds our crumbling infrastructure and our military more jobs will be created. 
While we await some action from the unimpressive GOP Congress, the President has been aggressively signing executive orders to improve our economy. Removing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord will prevent our businesses from being unfairly penalized. By approving the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, President Trump has not only guaranteed more job creation, but also helped ensure that our country will become energy independent. 
He is also committed to rebuilding our space industry and has revived the National Space Council. 
In his first few months, the President has also cut harmful government regulations, unburdened the coal industry, and turned the EPA into an agency determined to improve the environment, not harm our economy. 
The falling gas prices are giving economic relief to millions of Americans. 
In the important area of trade, the President removed our country from the terrible Trans Pacific Trade Partnership and will rework NAFTA and other trade deals to make them more beneficial for our country. 
In addition, the stock market is at an all time high while consumer confidence is on the upswing. 
It seems the American people have confidence that President Trump and his team are skilled at handling our economy. At this point, the Never Trump critics of the President look pretty foolish. These so-called Republican conservatives said that Trump would be a disaster for the economy. They claimed he was just a liberal masquerading as a conservative. 
At this point, the evidence is clear that President Trump has been very, very good for the United States economy. 


Jeff Crouere

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