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With Russia investigation, Trump should clean house excepting Ivanka, Hicks and Bannon

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bannon“I don’t think we’re under investigation,” he said. “I’m not under investigation. For what? I didn’t do anything wrong,” Donald Trump told the New York Times. He didn’t stop there.

Trump said he felt James Comey brought up unsubstantiated allegations from the notorious, embarrassing Steele Dossier to hold them over the President’s head, the better to keep his job as FBI Director. Trump, also, said Comey lied to Congress, something the President claimed he’d explain later.  

The Comey smirch was a nice try except for the fact the FBI, (in the absence of poor spirits or demoralization), already, was exploring serious questions about connections Trump, and his people, might’ve had with suspicious foreigners, that is Russians, and possible monetary shape shifting.   

Trump, also, attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the first cabinet member he announced. Sessions, in Trump’s telling, was alleged to have gotten his job in the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building by omitting a material fact during consideration for appointment. The omission was that Sessions didn’t say he’d ignore the law if, and when, it dictated he had to get out of a case due to a conflict. For this, Trump said the Attorney General was “very unfair to the President.”

The question is why would Sessions consider a recusal for anything before Trump announced, on November 18, 2016, that he was going to be appointed? Is Trump implying that Sessions had cause to bench himself, even before the confirmation hearings? If so, the President implicates himself more than the Attorney General who did, only, what was required.

Attacking Sessions is a high risk, but cagy, move. Remove him and you get a new AG to boss, or fire, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and deal with Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, who appointed Mueller.

Augmenting his attack on law enforcement, Trump warned Mueller to stay out of the Trump family business and swiped at Deputy A.G., Rod Rosenstein and acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe. The President couldn’t have done more to pique interest and encourage Mueller to look at Trump’s myriad financial dealings.

Going on permanent offense is not working for Trump. He’s succeeded, so far, only, in making himself look guilty. Trump needs to get rid of everyone around him in the White House, except for advisor Steve Bannon, his daughter Ivanka, and aide Hope Hicks. Trump knows the first way to revive a failing business is to change management. He ought to just do it.


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