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Congressman Tauzin says US fractured into extremes, where are the moderates?

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tauzin yellowToday, I was on the weekly conservative talk show radio with my good friend Jeff Crouere, who hosts Ringside Politics on WGSO 990 AM.  The topic of Donald Trump and healthcare came up.

 It has been my opinion that the Democrats messed up royally with Obamacare in the process in which they pushed the Affordable Care Act upon Americans but now, the Republicans are engaging in more of the same, actually worse.

I responded to a caller and mentioned on Jeff’s show that you cannot have groundswell approval of a healthcare program, making up one-sixth of the economy, unless you get buy-in from the middle, which means, a bi-partisan effort is needed.

In essence, even assuming that the Republicans were able to ram down their healthcare repeal and replace with 51% of the Senate vote, ultimately, the other side will feel angered and respond, in kind, to overturn the Congressional results.

I know there are plenty on both the left and right who disagree and will continue to wage war upon themselves, politically choking the middle and in my belief, progress on the issues.

That radio segment reminded me of a recent interview with Billy Tauzin, former Republican Congressman from Louisiana, who became President and CEO of PhRMA, who is now consulting in Washington DC and writing a book about America’s current culture and his thoughts as to what we can do to correct the direction this country is moving.

Tauzin talked with Jim Brown and me about his past and current endeavors.

Brown and Tauzin both have had long careers in politics and in government.  Brown, former Louisiana legislator, Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner spent 28 years as an elected official, Tauzin dedicated 25 years in Congress alone.

In short, Tauzin believes there were more moderates in Congress until their ranks were decimated.  Almost fifty percent of America consider themselves moderate but they are hardly represented.

The Congressman believes that the two parties basically represent the extremes, that reapportionment has re-segregated the country politically into super white and super black districts.

He said that money has changed our politics.  At one time, politicians could raise their own money and “run their own races” but now there are millions coming from all over to get elected. Tauzin believes they are elected to get even, not to get along.

The Louisiana Congressman believes that they Congresspeople no longer socialize, their kids do not go to the same schools and they don’t cross party lines and go to the same events. In the past, he said the members could disagree but not be disagreeable.

Much has changed.

Want to learn how Congressman Tauzin and Jim Brown feel about the current political culture?  Watch the video.

A light shines on Billy Tauzin's Yellow Brick Road


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