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Trump's Putin, Charlotteville responses feed into question: WHY?

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kristol2 2There is little doubt that Donald Trump’s statements on Saturday were strong.

After the Friday night torch-display and after violence started to break out, Trump took to twitter and then to the cameras and denounced both sides of the violence.  He also condemned hate. The only problem with his tweets and statements on topic is—he played right into the narrative, that certain people are protected in Trumpville. Those people are Putin, Russia and right wing haters such as the alt right.


As so many have exclaimed this week, something is awfully wrong with this president.

They know he speaks directly and forcefully when attacking or counter-attacking those he calls the enemy of the people of America. He has no problem with calling media, fake news.  No problem with slamming Mitch McConnell, Schumer, North Korea, John McCain and hundreds of other targets. Yet, Putin and the Klan and the Nazi’s? Not so much.

This week, instead of criticizing, he actually praised Putin for removing State Department officials from Russia. He later said it was a joke but he still did not criticize the Russian president.

His cowering from speaking harshly against certain protected groups and individuals raises the questions, why?

Why are just about everybody who comes close to crossing him, or who stand in his way placed on his “hit” or “attack list” but not Putin? Why does he go out of the way to protect alt right, Neo Nazis, the Klan by failing to isolate them or call them out specifically?

These are two of the most critical questions America needs to ask and one of the reasons his administration has been a literal disaster so far these 200-plus days. Because he failed to speak strong against Putin, he fed into the frenzy that something is disturbing about his relationship with Russia. Now, because he consistency and continuously refuses to utter the words right wing, alt right, White Supremacist, White Nationalists, despite his repeated slams against president Obama for not speaking the words “Islamic Terror”, he once again is being depicted as enabling them by not speaking ill of them.

Last night, I wrote on Facebook that I wish he would have made a statement such as this which would at least reduce the very real concerns that he understood the hurt felt by so many who have been hurt by the likes of David Duke, the KKK, the Alt right and the Nazis:

“ Today a bunch of klan and neoNazis rallied. I support their constitutional right to do so. However I do not support their message or them. While they say they want to make America great, so much of what they do makes America hate. They were countered by some protesters. Violence occurred. I do not know who initiated the violence but violence is never acceptable.”

After a number of high-ranking Republicans denounced Trump or urged that he speak up angrily towards these people who are his strongest followers, his administration has issued various statements belatedly condemning these groups.

But, not President Trump.  Not personally. Not on twitter, not in a press conference, not anywhere, not ever.

We have yet to see the whites of his eyes express his true beliefs.

We all have seen President Trump forcibly scream against dozens of people who he has opposed. We’ve seen his fire and his fury. We’ve known that he will make life miserable for his opponents, in fact worse based upon his penchant of the overstatement—worse than anyone has done “ever before in the history of mankind”.

Yet, we haven’t seen any flames coming out of Trump on the issue of the far right.  We haven’t even witnessed smoke.

Instead, we have seen him water over his opposition by giving others that responsibility such as today or making milquetoast statements by a diplomat.

Americans are not stupid. There is a reason his poll numbers have hovered in the high thirties-low forties.  There is a 3 out of 4 voters don’t believe him.

He can change some of those feelings by being honest with his emotions.  If he doesn’t want to publicly denounce these groups, just say so and tell us why.  Otherwise, forgive us for condemning him for being a political coward.


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